Tuesday, June 19, 2018

2018 State Meet auto entries from each section now posted

You can check out all the auto entries from each section at this LINK.

There are several changes from the 2017 season and they all affect Northern California sections. Now that we know who qualifies from each section, we can start to take a look at the top returning teams and start ranking teams and individuals for the upcoming season.

If you have any comments about teams and/or individuals we should be aware of, please do so in the comment section below.

Who will be the top teams (boys and girls) in Northern California? What about individuals? Who are the emerging elite? Who are the superstar incoming freshmen?

The countdown to the cross country season has begun...


Anonymous said...

Best news of the preseason: CCS gets a 3rd team in D1. That is a long time coming. Albert, can you reissue the 2018 divisions so we can all start this discussion on the same page?

Anonymous said...

Why didn’t the North Coast Division 2 boys gain a spot as well?

Anonymous said...

2018 Divisions:

Boys: http://www.cifccs.org/sports/xc/2018-2019/17-18_CBEDS_for_2018__boys_cross_country.pdf
Girls: http://www.cifccs.org/sports/xc/2018-2019/17-18_CBEDS_for_2018__girls_cross_country.pdf

Anonymous said...

I assume division to North Coast section boys didn't get an extra slot because a couple of teams moved up to D1, including Dublin

Albert Caruana said...

The teams that moved up from Division 2 has nothing to do with the number of teams that automatically qualify to the state meet this season. The changes are based on the last 3 state meets using top 10 finishes.

Anonymous said...

@6:07AM Curious what you mean by "That is a long time coming" with regards to CCS Boys D1 getting a 3rd team back. It had been at 3 for quite a few recent years, but dropped to 2 last season, 2017. So CCS Boys D1 was down to 2 for only 1 season in recent history.

Anonymous said...

I recall DI has fluctuated between 2 and 3 for some time - about half the years my kids were running. I thought it was 2 years since they had 3. If it was only one year then I withdraw my comment and replace it with "YES!!!!!" I am happy in advance for Paly, Los Altos, or Homestead, at least one of which would have clearly stayed home if not for the increase to 3 slots in DI.

Anonymous said...

Albert - in your MileSplitCA post, you stated:

Central Coast Section gains one more spot in Division I while Sac-Joaquin Section loses one in same division.

If the table in Section E is correct in http://www.cifcs.org/governance/constitution-and-bylaws/18-cross-country
then it is North Coast (and not Sac-Joaquin) that loses 1 in D1.

Albert Caruana said...

NCS has had 2 auto spots for as far back as I can remember and 2 is the minimum amount for most of the normal sized sections. In 2017, SJS had 3 teams make it to state in Division 1 and now they have 2.

pmccrystle said...

Regarding 2 vs. 3 teams from CCS DI: My first year as XC coach at BCP was 2001, and in that time (2001-17) the CCS has had 3 team slots in only 4 years: 2013-2016. As Albert stated, State Meet slot allocations are determined by the top 10 results of the previous 3 years. I am guessing-not having done the math--that Los Altos' top 10 finish last year turned the trick to earn the CCS a third spot--way to go Eagles!! BCP has been in the top 9 for 8 straight years, and in that time, only Carlmont earned a top 10 spot, twice, 10th in 2012 and 10th in 2011--and that's why we had the 3rd team slot from 2013-2016.

And, with the strength of Los Altos current team, I think we have a chance to hold on to it for a few years! Go CCS!

And, I want to echo John Maloney's comments from earlier, on another post on this site...thanks John for stating clearly our respect and support of all the CCS teams and runners! Go Bells and Go CCS!

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