Monday, May 01, 2017

Bellarmine DMR team wins at Penn Relays with a time of 10:06.10

Official splits as relayed by Matt Richardson
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau 3:11.42
Tommy Rocha 50.41
Benjamin Micalleg 1:54.84
Alex Scales 4:09.45

Nice article by Erik Boal about Bellermine's effort at this LINK.


Matt Richardson said...

Official Splits
Meika Beaudoin-Rousseau (3:11.42)
Tommy Rocha (50.41)
Benjamin Micallef (1:54.84)
Alex Scales (4:09.45)

NuevaCoachG said...

Congratulations Bells - bringing home a Penn Relays wheel is AWESOME!!!

Rob Collins said...

Oh, I forgot! Congrats to Patrick and the Bellarmine crew, Awesome performance and have fun getting that Extremely Large Penn Relay emblem (Trophy) on the plane!

Anonymous said...

8 of the top 10 3200m guys in CCS are non-seniors, 3 of which are Sophs, and all under 9:29. Is the youth movement unique or a trend? Feels more like the girls' side over the years where FS can make a dent into the top 10.

Unknown said...

Congrats again Coach Patrick & the boys!!! That's truly awesome! Make sure if you're flying United, to really buckle up that Wheel Trophy in the seat...not too soon!!! hahahaha Congrats again!!! Amazing!

Anonymous said...

@4/29 1:55PM

Agreed, this year's seniors haven't been doing very well. With 3 juniors Scales, Miranda and MBR taking over the show in the distance events it's truly scary what the next 2 years have in store for CCS Boys Distance.

Also, Girls this year in the 3200M is extremely soft. And it's not just in CCS, it's all the way up to State too...Other than Claudia Lane, this year we might have 10:30s to actually podium (while normally you have to run sub 10:25.)

Anonymous said...

@3:38 And as good as that CCS Junior trio is, the scary thing is that there are 3 current Sophs that have a 1600m, 3200m or both times that are better than the trio's times last year. The best 1600m time being 4:19.87, which is bested only by Scales' 4:19.83 last year; and the best three 3200m times of 9:22.72, 9:24.36, and 9:25.39 all beat the Junior trio's best last year of 9:26.18. The current Soph trio might factor into the CCS finals this year, depending which of the Junior class runs what race, but they will definitely factor next year in what promises to be an amazing showdown between 2 very loaded classes.

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