Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Top 10 Moments from this Track and Field season to date?

Before we approach the league championships that will take place in the next two weeks, let's reflect on the season to date. What has been the the top 10 moments from the 2017 season? You can consider Northern California athletes or the entire state if you like. I have a few moments that I can think about but would love to hear your thoughts on what moments/accomplishments stood out for you.



Anonymous said...

4:01 mile cooper teare solo run at sac moc. Converted to sub 4 1600 which was even faster than his mt sac performance.

Anonymous said...

Mari Freidman's triple victory at Top8.
4 Nor-Cal boys Sub-9 at Arcadia.
Bellarmine whooping-up on Great Oak and Carlisle in the DMR.

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