Friday, March 31, 2017

Arcadia Invitational Entries now posted

Here are the direct links to the meet listed separately for boys and girls.

Feel free to comment on what events you are most looking forward to watching or competing in next weekend. As always, the Saturday Invitational Section will be amazing with many of the top competitors in the United States. If you are competing, feel free to let us know your event and goals.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping the Boys 3200m Invitational won't be a melee like last year. Several boys fell and several got nasty spike injuries. Hopefully, the faster athletes start from the outside this year, not the inside like last year, which makes no sense. Exacerbated the congestion and problems. Looks like an excellent field !

Albert Caruana said...

It's a tough balance. A lot of boys want to be in that race but at what point do you cut if off due to safety reasons? There are so many boys that are around the same time, they just have to be able to maneuver through the first few laps until the field gets strung out a bit.

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