Friday, December 16, 2016

Woodward Park All-Time Top 10 NorCal (boys and girls) times

1) German Fernandez Riverbank (SJS) 14:24 (course record) 2007
2) Jay Marden Mission San Jose (NCS) 14:42 1980
3) Calvin Gaziano Castro Valley (NCS) 14:49 1984
4) Luis Grijalva Armijo (SJS) 14:50 2016
5) Michael Vernau Davis (SJS) 14:52 2016
6) Mark Mastalir Jesuit (SJS) 14:54 1985
7) Matt Farley Jesuit (SJS) 14:57 1993
8) Jason Balkman Lynbrook (CCS) 14:58 1994
9) Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) 14:59 2016
10) Trevor Reinhart Marin Academy (NCS) 14:59 2014

1) Julia Stamps Santa Rosa (NCS) 16:43 1996
2) Amber Trotter Ukiah (NCS) 16:55 2001
3) Fiona O'Keeffe Davis (SJS) 16:57 2014
4) Kristen Gordon Carondelet (NCS) 17:01 1996
5) Cate Ratliff Santa Cruz (CCS) 17:04 2015
6) Morgin Coonfield McKinleyville (NCS) 17:08 2015
7) Anna Maxwell San Lorenzo Valley (CCS) 17:08 2013
8) Rebecca Chamberlain Leigh (CCS) 17:09 1984
9) Laurie Chapman Gunderson (CCS) 17:10 1985
10) Sara Bei Montgomery (NCS) 17:13 2000


Anonymous said...

I wonder if Michael Vernau and Luis Grijalva could have gotten closer to Fernandez's course record at CIF this year if they'd raced like they did at SJS? That race at Willow Hills was epic!

It seemed like they dialed back the early pace a bit at CIF in comparison. Still a great battle, but different tactically. Will miss their rivalry next year!

Anonymous said...

Fernandez was something like 9:14 at 2M. That's an aweful big gamble to for even those guys to take with so much on the line. German was after the record, and had the luxury of being in a race where 2nd place ran extremely well, yet still finished over a minute back. He didn't quite win Kinney, but I don't think any high schooler in any year beats him at Woodward that day. It's a bummer that we don't get to see the top athletes run with reckless abandon just a little more often. Like 14:50 isn't reckless abandon. Great job guys.

Anonymous said...

Their race at SJS was awesome; they were hammering from the gun, and they came surprisingly close to GF's course record.

I think at CIF they ran more conservatively; Vernau figured out he couldn't just run away from Grijalva, and Grijalva had no incentive to push hard until it was time to kick. I don't think they could have broken the record: nobody's touching that CR for a long time! But do wonder what they could have done with a more aggressive early pace. We'll never know, but it's fun to speculate :)

Unknown said...

I wonder if any high school distance runner will be as good as German Fernandez

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