Saturday, December 10, 2016

Watch Footlocker national championship meet live


Anonymous said...

And to think Claudia is just discovering what she can do this fall. She'll be fun to watch this Spring.... and she already knows how to run those downhills!

Anon. Tom Benjamin

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Good luck Meika & Patrick!!! :) Ready to goo!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Claudia Lane is VERY impressive. Before today's race even started, I was pretty confident that Nevada Mareno would win. When Claudia zoomed right out to the lead at the very start, I thought that this would be the race where her regular strategy would ultimately fail her. When Nevada pulled up on Claudia's shoulder in the last half mile or so, I anticipated that she would outkick Claudia in the final stretch. But, to paraphrase one of the race announcers, **Claudia found another gear** and actually PULLED AWAY in the last 200 meters from the Stanford-committed senior who has previously run 2:08 for the 800 (!!!). That was a joy to watch.

I hope Claudia stays injury-free and continues to have fun and improve over the next two years.

pmccrystle said...

Yep, Lane's race was very impressive live. I had the pleasure to watch her race in person at Dan Gruber's side, as we ran around the Balboa Park course and cheered on Marea Zlatunich---congrats Marea! The course is tougher than it appears on TV, though Meika said that the big hill is nothing compared to Reservoir at Mt SAC. Speaking of Meika, he had a great race, repersenting the CCS very well, and it was a real joy to be able to be there to watch him run...classic Meika: 33rd at the mile, 25th at the two mile, 19th at the finish. Truly a great some rest and then on to track!! Peace to all and good health...see you on the trails!

Albert Caruana said...

Claudia Lane is one tough cookie. I would say a lot of other runners would not have won yesterday's race the way she ran it. To lead the entire way and then get run down methodically like Mareno did and still hold her off was amazing.

As for Meika, I figured he would run his customary patient race and beat a lot of runners who got caught up in the early pace. Well done to him.

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