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Oakland Section Track and Field All-Time Lists

Oakland Section TF All-Time Lists

The above link will take you to a list of track and field marks that is being compiled by Skyline coach, Sean Cameron Kohles. If you see any additions, changes or corrections, please post them below or you can email Sean directly at


Anonymous said...

As an old Bulldog, missing many from the early 1970s runners, especially from Castlemont i.e. Nathan Burkes 400-800, Milton Turner 110 HH and 180 lh, and their 4x100 relays that won state. Also what about James Robinson of Mack? Will have to research their times.

Anonymous said...

Oh I see now, maybe lots of the earlier meets were in yards and they perhaps didn't want to convert the time.

Some I found based on the state meet only.

1969 Castlemont won the 440yd relay 41.8
James Beaver of Skyline was 3rd in the 880 yd 152.8

1970 Milton Turner 2nd in the 120 HH in 13.9 and won the 180LH in 18.6
Nate Burk was 2nd in the 880yd in 152.2 both from castlemont

1972 James Robinson of Mack was 2nd in the 880 yd in 151.5

Anonymous said...

As someone who went to Skyline back in the 70's when we had one hell of a team, I can say that there are definitely a lot of marks missing from this list. Duel meets and other invitationals were not documented very thoroughly back then without the internet, but overall the list looks pretty solid.

hank said...

Below is a list of the OAL Section Meet Records (must be done at the Section Meet). I list both yards & metric and hand & FAT as well as old events. In the 2012 OAL Section results, Meet Records were listed but are not all correct and some events converted from hand/yards (but not all were converted). I did use these results as a source and would verify with the actual results. The other source I use was:

John Spalding results


OAL Meet Records

Anonymous said...

missed a lot of times. I ran against oal comp for 4 yrs.
here's what u need to convert. these were run at section, state, invites, duals, etc. some of the times u have were run other than the section meet.

100- jerry bright castlemont 1965 9.6 converts to 10.5 4th at state
Maurice glass castlemont 1974 9.6 converts to 10.5 4th at state
200- jerry bright castlemont 1965 21.4 4th at state
400- sanders Fremont 1973 47.6
800- nate burks castlemont 1970 1:52.2 2nd at state
400 relay- castlemont 1970 41.2 numerous 400 relay times in the '60's
800 relay- castlemont 1:26.0 1960 numerous 1:26's with jerry bright in the '60's.
110hh- milt turner castlemont 13.7 1970 2nd at state
800- james robinson mack 1972 1:51.5 2nd at state
400- willie Deckard mack 1972 47.8

yur lists need to be adjusted. conversions are easy, follow keith conning on the conning tower for conversion ratios.

Anonymous said...

What are you people talking about. Ed Moody ran 9.6 every week, and was running against himself, not the clock. Dig this. He started running the 180 lows just to get extra points for his team, especially against Castlemont , and ended up becoming the greatest low hurdler of all time. That 18.3 that you people are talking about tied his State Meet record. This stuff was in 1962. The relay team with James Hines on it also ran 1:26.3, in Fresno, beating Tommie Smith and crew.

Unknown said...

Castlemont High won nine titles 62to71

Unknown said...

I was there 67 68 69 we had a great track team 9 year Dynasty

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