Thursday, February 04, 2016

Documentary Video: Running for Pride - Liberty High School

If its alright, I would like to share my athlete's video with the XC community on CrossCountryExpress. He is a young and aspiring film maker and spent an insurmountable amount of time on the documentary. I believe his audience needs to be widened because of the amount of effort he put into this. The documentary covers our entire 2015 cross country season at Liberty High School. He recently entered an edited down version into the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards (HIIDA) and won "Best Feature - Student"! The director, editor, and student athlete of mine is Alec Douglas. The film is called "Running for Pride: A Cross Country Documentary".

A couple of video credits in this version of the film include short clips from YouTube from "JesuitTrack" and "Aggiemacks".

The video is a cool, 58 minutes long.. but it is a fun video and worth the watch. I believe that the greatest thing about this documentary is that so many other cross country teams can watch it and relate to it!

Thank you,
Eric Morford
Liberty HS Cross Country Coach

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