Monday, March 16, 2015

Dublin Distance Fiesta (Meet Schedule Posted)

You can get it at this LINK.

The heats will be posted as soon as I get them from the meet director.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous8:15 AM
New schedule just came out. I cannot express how disappointed I am that the girls 3200 is starting at 3:40. Currently the only runners who will be able to run under the lights are the elite boys.

They should move the medley and have the final 3200 races finish at 9:30-10 pm like Dan Gabor so most 3200 runners (boys and girls) get to run under the lights. I know there are lots of heats but this could have been managed much better as the kids just don't get to run under the lights very often. Maybe we will head to Kings Academy Distance night meet year.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that sounds like a great choice, if your criteria for a good meet experience is to run under the lights...

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