Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cal All-Comers Results (Check out individual race/field results for familiar HS names)

Here are some of the more notable results. Feel free to include others in comment section.
Reonna Collier Piedmont Hills (CCS) 8.56 60m. Hurdles/57.25 400m.

Cristian Monsalud James Logan (NCS) finishes 2nd in 800m. with 1:57.04.

Cooper Teare St. Joseph Notre Dame (NCS) edges out Alexander Glavin of College Prep (NCS) 9:42.47 to 9:42.48 in the open 3200m.

Isaiah Holmes Oakmont (SJS)6'4.75" High Jump

Marshall Godsil Bellarmine (CCS) 52'1.75" Shot Put


Anonymous said...

How can Collier live in the east bay and compete for Piedmont Hills?

Anonymous said...

What HS is Isaih Holmes from?

Anonymous said...

Any decent 1500 times? Jackson Crose and Monsulaud ?

Albert Caruana said...

Holmes is from Oakmont in the Sac Joaquin Section.

1500m. results are here:

Anonymous said...

I think 4:10 and 4:12 pretty notal performances this early

Anonymous said...

Who is Connor Ross? He is listed as in HS and ran a 155:83 in the 800!!

Anonymous said...

Conner Ross Runs for good HS program in NV Mqueen HS , ran 1:52 I believe last year and was top placer at Arcadia invite. They come down a lot for these meets then Sac Meet of champions later in season

pmccrystle said...

Connor Ross=Nevada State Champ 2014 in 800 (1:52) and ran 48.3 in open 400; also 2nd in 800 at Arcadia last year and ran 15:27 at Stanford Invite in cross country!! McQueen high School, Reno, Nevada

Albert Caruana said...

McQueen High School is not just a one man show. They are quite good and aside from Connor Ross, they had the following marks last year.

Sebastian Feyersinger 10.80, 21.35, 47.01
Kai Benedict 1:55.33, 4:16.77, 9:08.96
4x400 3:17.94
4x800 7:59.13
SMR 3:26.56
DMR 10:37.55
Delon Buncie 22'9", 44'1.5"

Bill said...

The 800 Section 1 race was amazing! The 3 Cal guys went through in 53@ 400 with Ross and Monsalud right behind. The Cal guys must of been doing a time trial as all three dropped out at 600 (1:23).

It was kind of shock that all the leaders dropped out, so by the time we looked at the end of the race they posted the 1:55 for Ross and 1:57 for Monsalud.

Seemed like a PAC-12 meet with so many Collegiate runners there.

If my son's coach lets him, I will definitely take him for the next All-Comer's.

Anonymous said...

Won't be as fast next time wait til Feb 21st meet should be really fast again

Andrew said...

The next one on February 7th should be a decent draw for high schoolers - it is the CA Indoor qualifier for the Bay Area.

Nils said...

Congratulations Cooper!

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