Friday, May 28, 2010

Notre Dame's Anderson a favorite in 3,200

Herald Staff Writer
Updated: 05/28/2010 02:41:53 AM PDT

Nina Anderson considered chasing track titles in two events.

Her coaches felt focusing on just one event would be better for the sophomore distance ace.

"She was open to both,'' Notre Dame track coach Mandy Lebow said. "The amount of time she has dropped in the 1,600 opened it up for debate. But we wanted her to focus on just the 3,200.''

Which is what Anderson will do tonight when she sets her sights on a Central Coast Section title in the 3,200-meter run at Gilroy High.

Anderson is one of 18 local athletes taking part in tonight's track and field championships. The top three finishers in each event advance to the state championships.

"She wants a personal record,'' Lebow said. "I would be kind of scared to tell you what I think it's going to be. Nina is going to have a lot of energy bottled up.''

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Anonymous said...

This gal is a stud. If the conditions are right I'm going to say 10:33.

Anonymous said...

Or not.

Albert Caruana said...

I think going out in 70 (boys were out in 72) during the first lap led to her 2nd place finish. Credit should also be given to Robinson for laying off the early pace and then running down Anderson in final 1600 of race.

Anonymous said...

And the second mistake she made was underestimating Erin Robinson. An article said Erin "came out of no where" but Erin knew exactly what she was doing. She showed much better strategy, strength, and speed. I am sure Erin would beat her again even if Nina didn't run :70 in the first two laps.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't bet on that. Less than a second separated them and my guess is that in the right race Nina could go in the 10:30's and probably will at State. I think Erin is a great runner and benefited from a poor race strategy.

I know many of you live and die for Gunn and SCVAL but they are not the end all to track. Nina has run more sub 10:50's than anyone in the section. Erin has once. To be SURE she would beat her again is as asinine as saying Robinson "came from no where." They are both great runners and anyone could win on any day.

Anonymous said...

"I am sure Erin would beat her again even if Nina didn't run :70 in the first two laps."

Are you still sure about that?

Anonymous said...

Yep! Because I am sure 9 out of 10 times I would still win - or should I say Erin would!

Anonymous said...

So they are 1-1 now in head to head competition. Nina has another win if you count trials. She has more sub 11 times. And you think Erin would win the next 8 races in a row. When each time they have only been seperated by mere seconds?

You obviously have no understanding about the sport what-so-ever and are part of the SCVAL / Gunn rules the world crew on here. Well, tell yourself whatever you want, "you" lost in the State final, the biggest meet of year.

Kudos to Gunn for not peeking early at bombing at State like they usually do though.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Nina isn't as negative and rude as you are. She seems like a nice girl. Hating on Gunn or SCVAL doesn't make you look like you know more about this sport. It just makes you look "asinine".

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