Thursday, May 13, 2010

League Finals coverage of Peninsula Athletic League Meet...and more...

Croshaw leads Aragon girls to PAL track title (

Woodside wins boys’ PAL championship (

Aragon sprints to girls title (

PHS attempts to defend track titles (


Anonymous said...

Too many times I have seen the 4 time league champion crash and burn in CCS because they over worked for a league title. Lets see how this turns out...hopefully the exception.

Albert Caruana said...

That is not the case in this situation for two reasons. One is that the 3200 is held on a different day in the PAL (this past Monday) so she didn't have to do all four races on the same day. The other reason is that she was well within herself in all three distance races and ran just hard enough to win.

The difficult part now is for her coaches and her to decide what race(s) to focus on at CCS.

Anonymous said...

What a negative first comment. Being a parent from a rival team, I was, as were many of her competitors alike impressed with Lauren. She looked quite comfortable in all of her races and We are all excited to see how she does at CCS. Now there's some raw talent!!

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