Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TRACK: Full head of steam


Jason Roascio stood in Lane 4 under the early-evening light on Friday in Los Gatos. With the Hollister "H" emblazoned across his chest and his skin-tight, midnight-black pants making him look swift even in a stationary position, the San Benito junior appeared focused and poised for the forthcoming 200-meter race.

He was calm. He would later say he felt a little fatigued, having previously run the second leg of the 4x100 relay as well as the 400-meter event, but that was impossible to tell at this point. He worked on his start, did several high-knee exercises, and he wasn't shy enough to back down from meeting and greeting with several of his competitors.

The competition was out to get him, of course. But despite being new to the track-and-field spotlight, and even new to the sport itself, Jason Roascio hasn't let much sidetrack him from the finish line this season.

"I'm thinking about the race, thinking about performing," Roascio said. "But I'm also making sure I'm having fun."

At a moment when it can become all too easy to let the mind wander, and let nerves set in the pit of the stomach, Roascio instead enjoys the moment.

After all, he was competing in the exclusive Top 8 Track and Field Classic on Friday night - the last remaining precursor to the Central Coast Section Championships - and even boasted the fastest recorded time in the 200 meters to date.

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