Thursday, April 08, 2010

Need some motivation during those tough moments in a race?

We have all been there before.  You are in the middle of a race.  You are working hard to stay with the pack.  Your coach is yelling at you.  The pace is picking up.  Do you keep pressing or do you let go?

Peanut Harms calls it THE COMPETITIVE MOMENT.

The following link is a series of edited excerpts from a keynote address by Billy Mills.  It's well worth the read especially for those of you heading down to Arcadia.

You can find it at

For those of you that have never seen the last lap of the 1964 10000m. race, here it is (LOOK AT MILLS, LOOK AT MILLS!):

Here is another youtube clip of Billy Mills explaining the lead up to the Olympics.  It's from Ultimate Athlete, Pushing the Limit by Discovery Channel.

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Billy Mills is definitely an inspiration! I thought I'd put in another article about him... you can it here


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Sorry forgot to put the proper link in the other post:

Billy Mills



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