Sunday, April 25, 2010

Photo of the Week

Courtesy of the Santa Cruz Sentinel (Bill  Lovejoy) from this past Friday's CCS Top 8 Meet.
Freshman Nikki Hiltz of Aptos leaves the field in a blur as she wins the Girls' Varsity 1600m. run in 5:04.60.


Anonymous said...

great pic. how does aptos constantly keep getting good runners?

Anonymous said...

Two words: Dan Gruber

Anonymous said...

Try one word... Talent!

The Santa Cruz area has traditionally turned out great runners. It is not just Aptos but Santa Cruz, SLV, Scotts Valley. If you look back Soquel and Harbor HS have also had some amazing talent (just one of the best 800 meter runners in the world came from there). The amazing trails of Henry Cowell, Nisene Marks, Wilder, UCSC make it a runners heaven. The smaller community and support from the local paper make running a big deal. Great coaches who really know their stuff, like Danny (Aptos), Brock (Santa Cruz), Rob (SLV)... just to name a few... get the kids interested in running fast.

Go Santa Cruz, keep 'em coming! Amazing how a small community of probably less that 100,000 people can hang with the best in the State!!!

Albert Caruana said...

Here is an interview I did with Aptos coach, Dan Gruber.

Here is an interview that I did with former Santa Cruz runner, Brennan Lynch.

Anonymous said...

Talent for sure, but the fact that they consistently get good runners out is also coaching played into there. By the way, Marissa Ferrante (nice win at top 8!) headed off to Stanford... impressive stuff.

Surprised more pro runners don't train in Santa Cruz (perhaps the expensive cost of living?)... though I believe Maggie Vessey trains there (and went to HS there).

Anonymous said...

Aptos has a tiny team too.. I believe less than 20 girls and guys total.

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