Thursday, December 06, 2018

65th All-Norcal Cross Country Teams

NCS girls' runner of the year?
Colleen McCandless Granada
Gabrielle Peterson Healdsburg
Rayna Stanziano Concord
I am curious who you would pick for the above award. Comments welcome below.

What about freshman (boy) of the year in any section?

With one meet to go, you can check out last year's team at this link:

Feel free to make your nominations for Runners of the Year (boys and girls), grade athletes of the year, section runners of the year (SJS, CCS, NCS, NS, OAK and SF) etc.

Interesting that one of the favorites to win runner of the year for the girls is Del Oro freshman Riley Chamberlain. I looked back at past winners and couldn't find any freshman girls that have won that award. Did I miss one?

Lastly, if you are a coach and are interested in being part of the voting committee, please email me at and I will send you all the information you need. We would like to have representatives from all the NorCal sections (SJS, CCS, NCS, NS, OAK and SF).


Anonymous said...

My First team - Girls
STANZIANO, Rayna, Concord-NCS
PETERSON, Gabrielle, Healdsburg-NCS
MCCANDLESS, Colleen, Granada-NCS
MASELLI, Savannah, Granada-NCS
GESCUK, Kaimei, Carlmont-CCS
KACKLEY, Madison, Gregori-SJS

I think Hope Bergmark from Amador Valley could of made first team, but all the girls above went sub-18 at state.

Anonymous said...

All CCS team

Senior - Colton Colonna
Junior - Juan Pablo Garcoa
Sophomore - Colin Peattie
Freshman - Jeremy Kain

Anonymous said...

Julia Stamps or Sarh Bei never won has a Frosh?

Albert Caruana said...

I checked and doesn't look like it for Stamps or Bei.

Anonymous said...

Hope Bergmark also ran sub 18:00 at state. 17:59.2.

Anonymous said...

Runners of the Year for the boys by grade level with some honorable mention

Sophomore. Kellen Steplight. Jeremy Kain HM
Freshman. Collin Peattie. Dylan Gunn HM
Junior. Christopher Pearson
Senior. Liam Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Junior- Matt Strangio

Anonymous said...

Senior. Henry Saul
Junior. Juan Pablo Garcia
Sophomore. Collin Peattie
Freshman. Michael Julian

Senior. Lila Roake
Junior. Kaimai Gescuk
Sophomore. Mellissa Chicon
Freshman. Noelle Diep

Anonymous said...

Albert, who beat out Stamps and Bei?

Albert Caruana said...

Bei was beaten out by Trina Cox of Santa Rosa when she was a freshman.

Julia Stamps doesn't appear on the list at all as a freshman.

Anonymous said...

Gabrielle Peterson ran faster at State and beat her head up at FL

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

At first look, on the girls side, it worked out that First Team - sub 18, Second Team - sub 18:30, and so forth...

We'll have them hopefully done immediately after next weekend!

Great job to all athletes despite the not so ideal conditions.

And many blessings to the victims of the Butte Co. Fires.

Anonymous said...

Rayna unable to run FL due to illness, but would have been good to see her and Gabrielle head to head. Rayna improved most over last year after a stellar track season.

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