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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stanford Invitational Accepted HS entries

They have now been posted and you can find them at this LINK. As you scan all the events, what do you feel will be the best individual event? Best relay event? Most competitive event? Who is ready to throw down a big time or mark next weekend?


Anonymous said...

Is Arcadia sucking some of the air out of Stanford this year?

Albert Caruana said...

I don't think so. That seemed to be the case last year but if you look at the entries, there are lots of athletes traveling from southern california as well as out of state.

Dan said...

The boy's mile looks pretty stacked. would be nice to see Grijalva and Teare in there, but probably needing to take a long term approach to their season's that, if they remain injury free, you would expect to go well in to the post season.

Anonymous said...

Coaches getting called out. Apparently many can't follow simple directions and making up marks. Glad Stanford cleaned this up.

"Our meet information specifically states - ENTRIES FOR THE MILE, 3000M, AND 400MH SHOULD BE ENTERED WITH VERIFIABLE 1600m, 3200m, AND 300mH PERFORMANCES. Performances in other events, or conversions will not be accepted.

Though we do our best ensure that the best athletes are accepted, there are still far too many instances of quality athletes being left out of the meet because their coach did not follow simple instructions."

Anonymous said...

what was the result of comments from Stanford about coaches not following instructions? Did they make adjustments to the entry list?

Anonymous said...

No. Those kids are left out of the meet.

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