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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Northern California Invitational results

Dublin Distance Fiesta
Results: http://atwresults.com/atwupload/20170318/ NEW

St. Francis Invitational
Entries: http://lynbrooksports.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/TRACK/2017/sfi_ent.htm
Results: http://lynbrooksports.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/TRACK/2017/sfi_res.htm NEW

Garlic Classic
Results: http://lynbrooksports.prepcaltrack.com/ATHLETICS/TRACK/2017/gar_res.htm NEW

Big Cats Relays
Results: http://www.cifsf.org/uploads/3/2/0/9/32099267/bigcatsresults2017.pdf NEW

Eddie Hart Invitational
Results: http://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288981&gender=f NEW

Other links will be added as I find them. Feel free to comment on any Track and Field performances from today. You can follow the action from today from the Dublin Distance Fiesta on Twitter @CCExpress and @milesplitca and on instagram @albertjcaruana and @milesplitca.


Anonymous said...

No Dublin updated results?

Anonymous said...

Unofficial cooper drops a 14:13 for 5k win

Anonymous said...

Cooper unofficial for win 14:-3 5k in Texas

Anonymous said...

Bolger 9:00
Bolger 9:01
Bellarmin 9:10

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