Monday, January 26, 2015

Track and Field 1st Official Practice dates

Northern Section-First Meet Date: Monday, February 23rd
North Coast Section-First Practice Date: Monday, February 9th
Sac Joaquin Section-First Practice Date: Monday, February 9th
Oakland Section-First Practice Date: Monday, January 26th
San Francisco Section-First Practice Date: Monday, January 26th
Central Coast Section-First Practice Date: Monday, February 2nd
Central Section-First Practice Date: Monday, February 2nd
Southern Section-First Practice Date: School Site Decision
San Diego Section-First Practice Date: Saturday, February 21st
Los Angeles Section-First Practice Date: Monday, February 2nd


Anonymous said...

lol. Why are all these coaches posting online & on Facebook about holding practice then?

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if all the CIF section's compete for the State Championship shouldn't practice start at the same time?

Anonymous said...

SF section 1/26

Albert Caruana said...

The NCS starting date for official practices is typically one week after CCS.

Anonymous said...

@ 5:36...the key word is "official." Most teams have the "unofficial" winter running schedules and weightlifting, etc. These cannot be mandatory, however. If coaches mandate attendance, they stand at risk of holding official practices.

Sort of like all these "all-comer" meets which seem to be growing in popularity each year, but they are not "official" and athletes are unattached and are not supposed to wear their school's uniform. At least one section prohibits all-comer meets.

Anonymous said...

The rules are pretty clear. If a coach is there, it's practice. These teams are breaking the rules. I drove past two on my way home just today, both in full practice mode.

You can call it "conditioning" or whatever you want. But it's practice. Not that I think it's a bad thing. But lets not fool ourselves or sugar coat it.

Peter Brewer said...

AS far as the North Coast Section is concerned, there are very clear-cut rules about the extent of supervising a conditioning session,and conducting a workout. It is explicitly delineated in the NCS constitution, the AD's are all informed, and there are ramifications if the guidelines are not followed.

The only variance is when there is a USATF or AAU club established, the coach and the athletes are registered members, and the liability for the events fall upon the USATF or AAU.

I don't know how it operates in other sections.

Also, track has very little leeway or exceptions which are so very common in all the other sports -- football, basketball, baseball & softball, volleyball --- these sports are flagrant in their flouting of the section regulations.

Bill said...

Here is the official word from the SJS section about "conditioning".

My son is a sprinter and the head coach has been holding practice since Jan 12th. They have been doing plyometrics, etc which are not event (or sport) specific. The head coach has been there also with weight training. Which is fine if you read the rules of the section.

Event specific training starts on Feb 10th and I think a pretty clear delineation has been established been conditioning and the start of practice.

So while I am usually agree with those who post here, coaches aren't stupid and risk their jobs, but hold practices within the mandates of the sections.

Unless I misunderstand the meaning of "all" to mean one or two coaches who are clueless, then you are just wrong.

Albert Caruana said...

In CCS, a coach is allowed to work with 4 athletes (maximum) in activities that involve skill development during the off-season.

Anonymous said...

For two, one hour sessions a week

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