Monday, September 01, 2014

Accepted teams for Monte Vista Invitational

31st Annual Monte Vista Invitational
Tuesday, Sept 2nd, 2014
Grade level races starting at 4pm
2.0 mile challenging course around the MV campus and neighboring Oak Hill Park (including the Eliminator Hill)
Medals to the top 15 in each race

List of accepted teams:
San Ramon Valley
James Logan
Doughterty Valley
De La Salle
Mission San Jose
Las Lomas
Vanguard College Prep
Monte Vista (host)

Top 10 fastest times (since current course configuration in 2005)
Name                                      School                          Year                 Time
Danny Stalters                         Northgate                    2012                10:37.14
Nolan Peterson                       Washington                 2012                10:42.06
Jason Intravaia                        San Ramon Valley       2013                10:42.51
Mike Roderick                         Monte Vista                2008                10:44.40
Alex Summers                         Granada                      2009                10:46.20
Ben Eversole                           Castro Valley               2010                10:47.82
Tyler Olson                              Livermore                   2013                10:48.33
Matt DeVries                          San Ramon Valley       2012                10:48.77
Tyler Hanson                           Miramonte                  2012                10:49.98
Dillon Read                             Miramonte                  2012                10:50.88

Name                                      School                          Year                 Time
Jena Pianin                              Amador Valley             2012                12:14.43
Kelsey Santisteban                  Castro Valley               2010                12:23.19
Chloe Hansel                           Las Lomas                  2013                12:26.47
Carina Novell                          Granada                      2011                12:28.63
Colleen Lillig                           California                    2009                12:31.62
Madison Ricks                         California                    2013                12:32.82
Sophie Hartley                         Granada                      2010                12:37.06
Colleen Lillig                           California                    2008                12:38.23
Diana George                          Livermore                   2008                12:39.18
Christine Bayliss                      San Ramon Valley       2011                12:39.53


Anonymous said...

Anyone know the rule regarding an 8th grader working out and running with the high school team/coach in the same school? What is the CIF rule and how is it enforced?

David Bayliss said...

The rules are actually very simple: only current 9-12 grade students may practice and/or compete with a high school team. The specific CIF regulations that address this are covered in the 2014-2015 CIF Constitution and Bylaws (, Bylaws, 200 Series, Eligibility Requirements. (See below for key Bylaw and a question on the subject.) Additionally, each high school also has a very strict eligibility process that includes medical releases and insurance. Penalties for violation of the rule can include the school losing its eligibility to the coach being terminated as well as possible sanctions on the athlete when he/she enters high school.
Only students enrolled in public, charter and private CIF member schools, grades 9-12, and meet all standards of athletic eligibility established by CIF, their respective CIF Section of membership, their respective league, district and school are considered a student in good standing and eligible to compete for their school of enrollment. Students who are enrolled in school programs or member schools whose membership status has been established as a multi-school/campus should also refer to Bylaws 302, 303 and 304 for additional eligibility requirements.

Q: What may representatives of a senior high school do as far as contact with junior high/middle school students is

A: Because a graduate of a junior high/middle school may enter any high school in California and may be residentially eligible in accordance with all CIF rules, contact by senior high school representatives is regulated. Individual coaches cannot visit or initiate contact with junior high/middle school students, but it would be permissible for the school administrator or athletic director (not the coach) of a senior high school to visit the junior high/middle school campus for the purpose of informing students of the total athletic program at the senior high school.

However, it is legal on a school day for a high school coach to be part of a total open house and/or school orientation (academics, activities, but not athletics by itself) where a student is part of a general gathering of students on the high school campus and such activity has the approval of the high school and junior high/middle or elementary school principal.
b. 8th graders who have not graduated from the 8th grade may not participate in any athletic meetings conducted by any high school coach that is not part of a school-wide high school presentation. The student may not practice or compete in any contest at any high school, even if they have registered for classes and/or paid a non-refundable registration fee, until they have graduated from the 8th grade.
c. Contact between coaches (and others associated with the athletic program) and students or their parents during summer activity conducted by a CIF member school, shall not be considered pre-enrollment contact requiring disclosure, if the student has, previous to that summer, registered for classes at the CIF member school and, in the case of a private school, also paid a non-refundable registration fee and has officially withdrawn from the previous school as long as the contact does not occur prior to the conclusion of the student’s former school’s year end. Such contact is not required to be disclosed. All other contact not covered in this circumstance between coaches (and others associated with the athletic program) and students or their parents must be disclosed as required in Bylaws 206, 207 and 510.

Anonymous said...

First two races (Jr) go to Las Lomas. Tom Robey and Chloe Hansel (meet record)

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