Thursday, January 21, 2010

New CCS CBEDs for 2010 XC...

Thanks to Hank Lawson (for posting) on his website (

Per Ernie Lee (Gunn) these are the changes:
If I counted correctly (not guaranteed since I ran out of fingers and toes), here are where the breaks will be for next year's cross country season:
DI Boys - 1879 and up (Fremont smallest DI. Note, Gunn now DI)
DI Girls - 1851 and up (Leland smallest DI. Note, Gunn remains and Paly now DI)
DII Boys - 1480-1853 (El Camino smallest, Paly largest)
DII Girls - 1479-1841 (Pajaro Valley smallest, Santa Clara largest)
DIII Boys - 1140-1479 (Riordan smallest, Pajaro Valley largest)
DIII Girls - 1125-1477 (Soledad smallest, Mills largest. Note Santa Cruz now DIII)
DIV Boys - 533-1132 (Santa Cruz largest)
DIV Girls - 533-1115 (Gunderson largest)
DV Boys and Girls - 496 and under

Note also that Gilroy is currently in DI but will most likely drop to DII since they will probably have a greater than 15% change (this year they went from 2475 to 2059 with the opening of the new high school in Gilroy).


Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why Gilroy will drop to D2 if 2000+ students places them in D1 CBEDS?

Ernest Lee said...

In cross country, the divisions are based on the previous year's enrollment. Thus, the 2009-2010 enrollment figures are used for the 2010 cross country season. The exception is when a school's enrollment changes by more than 15%. In that case, the school must you the current year's enrollment. Thus, for the 2010 cross country season a school with a >15% change must use their 2010-2011 enrollment figure.

In the case of Gilroy, their 2008-2009 enrollment was 2475 while their 2009-2010 enrollment was 2059. Thus, while most schools last cross country season used their 2008-2009 enrollment figures, Gilroy used their 2009-2010. This actually made no difference as even 2059 was in Division I.

However, next year, Gilroy's enrollment will most likely drop by at least 300 students (>15%), thus requiring them to use their 2010-2011 enrollment figure (~1750) for the 2010 season which would place them in Division II.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks Ernie for the clarification.

Anonymous said...

So right now they are D1, but the "might" be D2 if the numbers drop. Got it...

Anyone know if their runners are moving to the other school or are the numbers all incoming freshman?

Evan Smith said...


Correct me if I'm wrong, but "anonymous" at 9:33 pm doesn't quite have it right? Gilroy is definitely going to D2 this coming fall?


Evan Smith said...

Sorry, I meant 9:33 am.

Anonymous said...

Eying out the competition there are we ;)?

Coach Small said...

If Gilroy's population drops 15% it would be below the 1851 and thus in D2.

I am not sure on the math but I'll give it a shot. Their population this year is 2059. If their population drops more than 15% (309 students) then they will use next years enrollment numbers. If there is less then a 309 student drop in population they will use the current CBeds which place them at 2059 in D1.

Last year the enrollment dropped 416 students, which makes me believe they may drop this much again, we'll see.

But my understanding is that right now it is a "we'll see" as we don't know their enrollment for next year yet.

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