Monday, August 17, 2009

Photo of the Week

The picture above is courtesy of Jeffrey Deuel
"This is from the '09 EBAL F/S 3200 final at Granada. Race was at around 9pm, hence the flash blur and the cool sky..."

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Anonymous said...

this is unrelated to the picture but...

1) How did Shannon Rowbury qualify to the next round even though there were people who finished before her but didn't qualify? The official Berlin results has a lowercase "q" next to her name but not some of those before her.

2) DNS=Did not start, correct? Why didn't Tyson Gay start his 200m race?

Anonymous said...

Well Tyson Gay probably didn't start because if I remember correctly he was running the 100m on an injured groin, so maybe it flared up, or maybe he figured that there is no way he can beat Usain Bolt.

Albert Caruana said...

1) From her HS coach:
"Shannon fell in her race today and finished 11th in 4:10. It was looking pretty bad for the last few hours but I just got off the phone with someone and was told that the USA filed a protest and Shannon was moved on to the semi-final round on Friday. PHEW!

More later."

Andy Chan

2) Tyson Gay announced that he will not be competing in the 200m. following his 100m. race. He is hoping to still be able to compete as a member of the 400m. relay team.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shannon Rowbury is now Norcals best hope

Anonymous said...

is the giant (#1) parker duell?

Anonymous said...


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