Friday, February 02, 2024

Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday - 12 NorCal competitors

The following was shared by Archie William's coach Robyn Berry.

I think there are 8 (now 11!) NorCal runners in the Marathon Trials tomorrow.  The NorCal women are among the favorites!

Carrie Verdon, Campolindo HS
Fiona O’Keefe, Davis HS
Sara Hall, Montgomery HS, Santa Rosa
Kim Conley, Montgomery HS, Santa Rosa
Sara Mostatabi, Campolindo HS

Swarnjit Boyal, River Valley HS, Yuba City
Robert Miranda, Menlo HS
Aaron Davidson, Archie Williams HS (who?)
Ryan Cutter, Hercules HS
Tyler Sickler Will C Wood (just added)
Grayson Hough Davis (just added)
Jake Ritter Granite Bay (just added)

(Those are the ones that I could identify from the bios on the Trials site, but the bios do not contain all the qualifiers.,cntnt01,default,0&cntnt01group=Athlete&cntnt01prop=category&cntnt01propval=women&cntnt01returnid=34&cntnt01pagelimit=1000&cntnt01sortby=f%3Aqt&cntnt01sortorder=ASC&dir=ASC&filter=full 

Here is a great story about Aaron Davidson, Archie Williams Class of 2018, and DIII runner (Cornell College Class of ’22). Thought you would love this. 

He was a 6:00 minute miler as a HS freshman! 


Anonymous said...

Tyler Sickler Will C Wood
Grayson Hough Davis
Jake Ritter Granite Bay

Anonymous said...

Sara Passani (Mostatabi) - Campolindo

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