Sunday, February 04, 2024

Interview with Olympic Marathon Trials winner Fiona O'Keeffe

I did this interview with former Davis HS runner Fiona O'Keeffe in 2014 for California MileSplit. Yesterday, O'Keeffe set a new Olympic Trials record in the Marathon as she raced to victory with a time of 2:22:10. You can check out the interview at this LINK.


Mike said...

She looks exactly the same. Must be nice. :) I saw her crush the Willow Hills XC course record with a 16:57. I believe the next fastest is in 17:30s. Fantastic for her.. Great for NorCal!

bhc3 said...

"I like the endurance aspect of the 3200." During the broadcast of the marathon trials, the commentators talked about her PUMA coaches recognizing her talent for long distances (instead of 5000, 10000). Apparently she takes to it very well. That quote there about the 3200 in high school, not the 1600 or 800, shows she's been on that path since early on.

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