Wednesday, September 20, 2023

NorCal League Results

Eye Opener Invitational (not a league meet but results for today's Invitational)

BCL West at Golden Gate Park

SCVAL Cluster at Baylands Park

WCAL 1 at Golden Gate Park (Ran today with varsity only races)

Sierra Foothill League #1 (today)

BCL East 1

Any others? Please add the link below in the comment section.


bhc3 said...

Good competitive races in the BCL West meet. One big factor though: the wildfire smoke. It progressively got worse after lunch in Golden Gate Park.

Weather guy Rob Mayeda's tweet shows the smoke in SF in the afternoon.

Albert Caruana said...

You can definitely see the smoke in the afternoon and that would make sense looking at the results. Thanks for sharing.

bhc3 said...

Note the WCAL meet has this message now: "POSTPONED due to poor AQI".

Anonymous said...

PAL #1 postponed to 9/27

Anonymous said...

Is it still too early to do state ranking by division or there rankings posted on other websites?

Albert Caruana said...

I think state rankings will be coming out soon. Maybe a few more weeks as we head toward Clovis will make it a little clearer on who the top teams are. Let me see what I can do with ranking some of the top teams in the state by divisions.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


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