Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Diablo Athletic League Center Meet #1 results

Also, MVAL #2 (NCS)

And VVAL Cluster Meet #1 (NCS)

And Delta League XC Meet #1 (SJS)

PAL #1 at HMB HS (CCS)


Anonymous said...

The boys’ varsity race at DAL-1 was the most competitive it has been in years. It was great to see Miramonte challenge Campolindo. For Campolindo’s boys to continue their 14 year streak of league wins, they going to have to really work at it.

Albert Caruana said...

Definitely. That is about as close as any meet has been for them in a long time.

Anonymous said...

The boys varsity race was NOT indicative of where the league stands. Multiple schools that had high level competitive runners choose to tempo run the event in preparation for more relevant races on that Saturday. Plus, Campo was actually missing some key components to their true varsity 7.
Hoping that DAL and more leagues begin to realize that mid-season, mid-week center meets have little value in terms of "racing", and they consider moving to a simple League Championship race, and let schools decide when they want to race in the pre-NCS season, and not meaningless center meets.

Albert Caruana said...

I think what the WCAL and WBAL do works really well. We have three league meets. The first two are worth 25% with the league championship meet worth 50%. This way, all three meets are meaningful and I believe it's fairly reasonable to fit those three league meets along with the invitationals teams attend. The weekly dual meets are definitely a way of the past and the above-mentioned format is a good alternative.

Anonymous said...

What was the "more relevant race" on this Saturday? The Ram Invitational? Scott Baughs? Campo has been racing the DAL center meets for years...and it hasn't seemed to hurt them at the end of the season! If some guys didn't want to run hard then thats their decision but the DAL league is where it stands based on the results. Miramonte and Campo had a very competitive race in the Varsity boys!

Anonymous said...

That is the way the DAL currently works too Albert. The two center meets determine each teams' regular season ranking which is then averaged with their championship meet placing to decide the overall league champion. If anything it is the mid-season invitationals that are "meaningless" while league competition is given far too little emphasis these days.

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