Wednesday, March 01, 2023

POLL: Should Track & Field Or Cross Country Have Tryouts?

Interesting poll on Tennessee Runner (MileSplit) about whether Cross Country and Track and Field should have tryouts and cuts. You can check out the article at this LINK.

Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Carl Triola said...

Nope. If you have that many athletes coming out, I'd hope your administrators would have some plan in place to add paid positions, but I know that is a dream scenario. I think natural selection will reduce numbers in the end and you can have specific rules regarding attendance and participation to help cull the field.

R Gowen said...

the budget for the program may have fees based per student/athlete - administration, trainer, league, facilities, etc. and only funding for head coaches. Couple this with low participation on donation requests you can end up with no money to cover the costs to enter into the meets or asst coaches. Add in students whose interest is not competition, but PE credit and you are all but forced to have tryouts and cuts.

The ideal solution of having every interested student participate requires necessary funds and adequate supervision.

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