Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Central Coast Section Preview

Feel free to comment below on any of Saturday's races. If I missed any individuals and/or teams, please include them in the comment section below. Best of luck to all the competitors this Saturday.


Unknown said...

Albert - Great stuff. Thanks so much. This will really help fans, like myself, who don't follow things too closely, to appreciate the meet.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you very much. Appreciate the positive feedback. I am obviously invested in the Division V races but it was fun to take a deeper look at the other divisions. There should be some great races and we should have lots of individuals and teams do very well at state.

Unknown said...

Let's get an interview with Coach Ernst of Westmont. Looks like they had the second fastest team time of the day, and very impressive to make that jump on the way to what seems like their first state meet as a team.

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