Monday, November 14, 2022

NCS Rankings

Last call for any comments in regards to my rankings heading into this Saturday's NCS MOC meet at Hayward HS. Are there teams that are missing below? Who should move up? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Division I Boys (2 auto qualifying teams)
1) Dougherty Valley
2) Dublin
3) Berkeley
4) California
5) James Logan/Castro Valley

Division I Girls (2 auto qualifying teams)
1) Berkeley
2) Dougherty Valley
3) Dublin
4) Castro Valley
5) California

Division II Boys (4 auto qualifying teams)
1) Granada
2) Redwood
3) Monte Vista
4) Clayton Valley
5) Amador Valley/De La Salle

Division II Girls (3 auto qualifying teams)
1) Granada
2) Redwood
3) San Ramon Valley
4) Monte Vista
5) Amador Valley

Division III Boys (4 auto qualifying teams)
1) Campolindo
2) Newark Memorial
3) Maria Carrillo
4) Tamalpais
5) Las Lomas

Division III Girls (4 auto qualifying teams)
1) Campolindo
2) Montgomery
3) Northgate
4) Newark Memorial
5) Maria Carrillo

Division IV Boys (3 auto qualifying teams)
1) Albany
2) Piedmont
3) St. Mary's Berkeley
4) Bishop O'Dowd
5) Miramonte

Division IV Girls (3 auto qualifying teams)
1) St. Mary's Berkeley
2) Archie Williams
3) Piedmont
4) Arcata
5) Albany

Division V Boys (5 auto qualifying teams)
1) Lick-Wilmerding
2) SF University
3) College Prep
4) Convent & Stuart Hall
5) Sonoma Academy/Head Royce/San Domenico

Division V Girls (5 auto qualifying teams)
1) SF University
2) Lick-Wilmerding
3) Convent & Stuart Hall
4) College Prep
5) Athenian/Middletown/Sonoma Academy


Anonymous said...

Bishop O Dowd boys might be sneaky

Unknown said...

I think the fact that Sonoma Academy doesn't seem to have a solid girls team of 5, and that in the past two meets the Athenian team has been either missing a couple of their scoring runners, or half of their team has ran while sick, means that Athenian should have a good shot at making it. Add in the fact that they have two girls who run 18:57 (3 mile) and 18:33 (5k) and I think they're pretty solid contenders. Additionally, while San Domenico does have Joyce, their past #1 runner, Ballard, has yet to break 20 mins for anything longer than 3 miles (comparatively, her 3 mile pr from last year was 17:48).

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you for your comment. I will take a closer look this weekend before I post the final rankings before the NCS meet.

bhc3 said...

I'll add Bay School as one to watch for girls Div V. They finished 4th in the BCL West Championship, led by two outstanding runners (Elsa Krummel and Lucy Peterson).

Albert Caruana said...

Bay is definitely on the radar as are their girls. They should at the very least contend for the individual qualifying spots.

Unknown said...

I agree that Elsa Krummel and Lucy Peterson definitely have a shot of making it as individuals, although I think they both just ran the SF half marathon at sub-8 (7:40-ish I think) pace so I don't know if that'll take some snap out of their legs?

Unknown said...

Division 3 boys has Newark Memorial ranked both 2nd and 4th.

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you. All fixed.

Andrew said...

Thanks for putting these together, Albert. Looking forward to Saturday!

Unknown said...

Like many others I'm sure, I'm confused at how Middletown and Sonoma Academy are ranked next to the Athenian girls for D5... neither of those teams seem to have enough girls to even score? Let alone a full team of 7?

Unknown said...

Middletown and Sonoma Academy both ran 6 girls in the Coastal Mountain Conference finals at Spring Lake.

Albert Caruana said...

Correct. We will see on Saturday. There are always teams that people don't really know about that grab state meet spots unexpectantly. That is what makes Saturday fun!

Unknown said...

Which division(s) looks to be the most competitive in terms of the final spot to state?

David said...

Here is my prediction for Div III girls teams:
Campolindo 58
Newark Memorial 80
Montgomery 113
Maria Carrillo 147
Northgate 169
Alameda 174
Carondelet 181
Las Lomas 193
Tamalpais 208

East Bay Coach said...

d2 boys and d3 girls will be the closest for the final spot.

David - Alameda is up to d2 this year. Montgomery should be projected to place 2nd in d3.

David said...

Thanks for the tip! Looks like needs to update their lists—Santa Rosa also showing up in Division III when they moved up. But I still don't see how Monty pulls ahead of Newark. Revising to remove Alameda, Santa Rosa, and some of the teams that don't appear to have a full squad this year, I still put Newark Memorial ahead:

Campo at 2, 3, 13, 15, 17 [= 50]
Newark at 8, 9, 10, 14, and 31 [= 72]
Monty at 1, 4, 5, 21, and 62 [= 93]
Carrillo at 6, 28, 30, 34, and 36 [= 134]
Northgate at 19, 20, 33, 38, and 40 [= 150]

However, that is with Julie Pioroda running for Newark, and I see now she did not run in the league championships. Is she no longer a factor? If so, then that puts Newark and Monty in a dead heat. And I also don't know the Quarry Lakes course. If those November 2nd Newark times were on a flat course, then Monty definitely has the advantage.

bhc3 said...

Saw your write-up on the NCS site, good stuff! Helpful to understand all the divisions. Also, agree that Sienna Faidi coming back for Convent & Stuart Hall makes things a bit more interesting for Div V girls. Will be fun.

Unknown said...

You mentioned that the Albany male runner ran the 2nd fastest time ever on the Hayward HS Course at the Phil Wilder Invitational earlier this season.

But who has the boys course record at Hayward? And what was his time & when did he set it?

Albert Caruana said...

Liam Anderson, 14:14 2018 at the Phil Wilder Mariner Invitational.

Unknown said...

Hello Albert,

Below are the male class course records that I have for the Hayward HS 3.0 X-C course (please let me know if you have anything different — thanks!):

----- Hayward HS X-C Boys Course Records -----
Freshman = 15:17 = Alexander Lodewick 2019 — Campolindo HS
Sophomore = 14:58 = Trey Caldwell = 2022 — De La Salle HS
Junior = 14:31 = Yong-Sung Leal 2001 — Arroyo HS
Senior = 14:14 = Liam Anderson = 2018 = Redwood HS


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