Sunday, November 27, 2022

California State Meet


MileSplitCA coverage:

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Congratulations to the NorCal Individuals that made the podium yesterday. Here are the teams that also made the podium with a top-three finish.

NORCAL PODIUM TEAMS (last time the North won half the team titles was 2005)
Division I Girls: Oak Ridge (2nd place)

Division II Girls: Los Altos (1st place) NXN qualifiers, St. Francis, MV (3rd place)
Division II Boys: Granada (2nd place) NXN qualifiers

Division III Girls: Campolindo (1st place) NXN qualifiers
Division III Boys: Oakdale (1st place), Campolindo (2nd place)

Division IV Boys: Albany (3rd place)

Division V Girls: Crystal Springs Uplands (1st place), University (2nd place)
Division V Boys: Crystal Springs Uplands (1st place), Menlo (2nd place)

Division III Girls: Hanne Thomsen Montgomery 

Division V Girls: Kaiya Brooks Crystal Springs Uplands


Final Standings Score Scoring Order Total
2 Los Altos -CC-2 305 29-41-59-65-111(159)(279) 1:32:16
3 Campolindo -NC-3 322 17-22-56-108-119(170)(228) 1:32:08
7 St. Francis MV -CC-2 446 37-86-87-101-135(217)(219) 1:33:43
8 Palo Alto -CC-2 515 20-21-23-128-323(412)(490) 1:32:56
10 Oak Ridge -SJ-1 585 44-71-76-107-287(326)(348) 1:34:27
19 Whitney -SJ-2 766 47-94-144-225-256(269)(501) 1:35:42
20 Menlo-Atherton -CC-1 771 12-67-116-281-295(307)(417) 1:35:08
25 Granite Bay -SJ-2 895 42-96-163-203-391(433)(555) 1:36:20
28 Scotts Valley -CC-4 990 30-52-109-344-455(502)(611) 1:36:26
29 Willow Glen -CC-3 1070 162-180-191-212-325(489)(577) 1:37:41
36 Crystal Springs Uplands -CC-5 1174 19-178-189-350-438(460)(573) 1:37:37
39 Montgomery -NC-3 1204 3-69-160-351-621(763)(799) 1:37:18
40 St Francis-Sac -SJ-2 1233 134-161-181-370-387(395)(534) 1:38:29
43 University-SF -NC-5 1262 154-165-243-322-378(379)(447) 1:38:40
45 Monte Vista -NC-2 1329 196-210-238-260-425(459)(567) 1:39:06


Final Standings Score Scoring Order Total
4 Granada -NC-2 303 17-55-68-73-90(120)(123) 1:18:35
5 Oakdale -SJ-3 361 15-16-29-87-214(596)(739) 1:18:31
8 Crystal Springs Uplands -CC-5 577 45-66-82-177-207(438)(496) 1:20:04
12 Whitney -SJ-2 650 38-71-95-205-241(412)(473) 1:20:22
14 Campolindo -NC-3 705 57-80-152-191-225(302)(456) 1:20:47
17 Albany -NC-4 736 8-133-159-181-255(433)(621) 1:20:39
19 Redwood -NC-2 766 23-49-139-267-288(292)(371) 1:20:40
20 Menlo -CC-5 769 21-42-132-277-297(515)(602) 1:20:38
27 Westmont -CC-3 1010 74-185-194-195-362(472)(595) 1:22:03
34 Scotts Valley -CC-4 1112 51-145-223-321-372(524)(620) 1:22:19
35 Jesuit -SJ-1 1119 61-212-224-285-337(455)(619) 1:22:23
36 Lincoln-S -SJ-1 1156 84-103-291-320-358(598)(732) 1:22:29
40 Dougherty Valley -NC-1 1221 18-170-234-381-418(490) 1:22:34
41 Berkeley -NC-1 1238 27-199-253-305-454(510)(541) 1:22:40
43 Lick Wilmerding -NC-5 1253* 77-161-315-330-370(450)(536) 1:22:56


Jeremy Mattern said...

Amazing job by Norcal teams. Huge congratulations to Albert and the Crystal Springs Upland squads. What a terrific day!

Daniel James said...

Congratulations to all of the runners, teams and coaches, it was another exciting day for NorCal programs. A big shout out to Coach Caruana whose teams had themselves a day winning the first two state championships in Crystal Springs Uplands history. In addition to several podium spots there were three NXN team qualifiers; Los Altos Girls, Campolindo Girls and Granada Boys. Additionally Hanne Thompson of Montgomery (NXN qualifier) and Kaiya Brooks of Crystal Springs Uplands were individual state champions. Oakdale (Boys), Crystal Springs (Boys & Girls), Los Altos (Girls) and Campolindo (Girls) all won team titles. Oak Ridge (Girls), Granada (Boys), Campolindo (Boys), University (Girls) and Menlo (Boys) were runner-ups. Outstanding day at Woodward Park.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know where Sadie Engelhardt and Payton Godsey are running next weekend? I don’t see them on the NXN list.

Albert Caruana said...

Sadie is doing the West Region race.

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Huge Congrats to Coach Car again for an amazing day at State! Long time coming! Also great showing by NorCal teams and athletes! Best wishes to Los Altos, Granada, Campo at NXN!!!! Keep on representing!

Carl Triola said...

Can anyone figure out if these results will positively or negatively affect how many team qualifiers each division will get next year?

Albert Caruana said...

Carl, good question. In the past, Ernie Lee from Gunn was able to figure out what sections gained or lost sports based on the previous state meet results. He is sadly no longer coaching. We will have to wait until CIF comes out with the updated auto qualifiers. I am not sure when that will be.

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