Thursday, October 21, 2021

NorCal Cross Country results

WBAL #2 at Baylands Park

WCAL #2 at Baylands Park

BCL East #3 at Crab Cove

Redwood Empire meet results

MVAL Frosh/Soph Challenge #3

DAL Center Meet #2

SCVAL #3 at Baylands Park


Unknown said...

Based on these results and the Clovis Invitational, St Francis Mountain View is the best girls team in the CCS. Much faster average team time at Baylands than Los Gatos and Los Altos the day before. I can't figure out why Los Altos was ahead of St Francis in the most recent ranking posted on the Lynbrook site when St Francis put 6 girls ahead of Los Altos' #2 girl in the same race at the Clovis Invitational.

Hank said...

The CCS rankings are based on input from numerous coaches in CCS that represent 75% of the leagues (MTAL, PSAL & I think one other have yet to vote). Given that, each rep is allowed to rank the teams how they deem and then the ballots are tabulated. I do know that LA got Lauren S back (she was a 17:48 Crystal runner in 2019) from injury so they ran better at Baylands than at any other meet this year. I also know that the LG #1 & #4 ladies did not finish at the Baylands race so do not let all of the races run to date completely influence your opinion. Some coaches rank on only what they see, others rank on what they perceive team potential is. And finally, remember, rankings are only for fun and to give everyone something to talk about - what matters is Game Day at CCS Finals.


Unknown said...

Hank, You're being too kind. As far as Los Altos vs St Francis, the better answer is probably that some reps aren't paying attention. I was aware that Soobrien was out, but that doesn't change anything. Even with Soobrien, there's no reason St Francis should have been ranked lower than LA after putting 6 in front of their second girl in the same race, even if you want to say 6 in front of LA's third girl now. Yeah it's for fun and something to talk about, and my talk is that it was a silly ranking and that the reps shouldn't bother giving an opinion if they're not even following the results of the very best teams in the major races. It's not that hard to follow, the merge made it obvious.

kevin said...

It's not for fun for this guy.

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