Sunday, October 10, 2021

Clovis Invitational merged results

If you want to check out how the NorCal teams and individuals stack up against each other on the Woodward Park course at yesterday's Clovis Invitational, check out the following two links:



Also from this weekend, the Peter Brewer Castro Valley Invitational results:


East Bay Coach said...

Thanks for the Clovis merge. Lots of great performances by East Bay kids! I was really impressed by the performances by the Newark Memorial and Albany boys teams. Especially Newark Memorial winning the medium schools race, WOW! I can never remember Newark ever having a good team before....any idea how they got so good??
Would love to see some mid-season divisional rankings to see where you think the teams stack up in the NCS picture!

Patrick D said...

Excited that the other few teams who didn't race Clovis will hit Woodward next weekend (Rough Rider); we'll have a real good picture of where everyone is by then.

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