Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Statement Regarding Education-Based Athletics for 2020-21 School Year

 Per CIF Website

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Carl Triola said...

Personally, I'd rather have a truncated season with a league championship, regional, and state than just a league season.

Anonymous said...

At least with a cancelled State meet, each section should have more autonomy to have a "complete" season, based on local health guidelines.

I wouldn't be surprised if a non-CIF entity holds a state-like meet. Sort of what they did in the fall on the East coast with the 3 or 4 national level meets sponsored by private or running companies.

Anonymous said...

What are the "Regional" championships mentioned in the release?

Carl Triola said...

NCS, etc I believe. Sectional championships.

Anonymous said...

Or is that for the sports that have NorCal/SoCal championships like basketball?

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

incorrect...Regionals are Regionals (but XC doesn't have Regionals). XC goes straight from Sectionals to State. Football, Volleyball, Girls Tennis and Water Polo have Regionals for the Fall (they are called NorCals). Read the last paragraph, especially the last sentence, of the CIF Statement yesterday:

"The CIF is confident this decision is a necessary and reasonable action for our member schools, student-athletes, and school communities in light of the current statewide crisis. This revision to the CIF State 2020-21 Season 1 Sports calendar offers our Sections and Leagues the flexibility and needed time to plan for the return to practice and competition once updated guidance is provided by the CDPH."

The CIF is in charge of Regionals and State competitions. Each individual section is in charge of their sectionals.

So technically NCS, SJS, CCS, NS, OS, SFS are still "on". However, for CCS it'll be difficult to have championships if ALL 6 counties have to be in the tier that allows competition.

Stay healthy & safe Everyone!

Anonymous said...

People need to face the reality that there will be no XC season of any kind this winter. With infections continuing to spike schools will stay closed and county guidelines will remain in place preventing any sort of competition. Until a vaccine is widely distributed, there will be no high school sports. That means the spring track season will likely get the ax as well.

Get ready for a fall 2021 XC season.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:01

Who cares about "infections"? No one. This flu has a freakin 99.7% survival rate. In Contra Costa, just 261 people out of 1.5 MILLION have supposedly died from it. That's a 0.02 death rate, or a 99.98 survival rate.

The real infection is the mental health crisis this debacle has created. Zoom classes don't work, grades are slipping and students are doing even worse than before. The endless masks/social distancing/ridiculous orders from hypocritical government officials can not be allowed to continue forever. We MUST get our students back in sports, NOW.

And if cross country is too "dangerous" to resume, why is the NFL allowed to continue? You realize that they actually initiate full body contact and tackling right? Why is that okay but outdoor running is not?

Anonymous said...

@9:32 AM
1) Contra Costa does not have a population of 1.5 million ( It is also not "just" a flu.
2) There have not been 1.5 million cases in Contra Costa ( Correcting for your short-sighted skewing of data, this comes out to around a 1% fatality rate. Apply this to a larger data pool, like the US. Current fatality rate in the US is just under 2%, 274,000 dead ( Not a comforting number even in the slightest, even if it's "only" 2%. Cite your sources, buddy
3) Masks work. This "it can't go on forever" is a pathetic and dangerous rationale. It can and will if we're not smart and don't obey the health orders given to us by TRAINED professionals (who have dedicated their lives to studying public health, not gotten their knowledge from biased Facebook posts). I agree, a lot of our politicians are hypocritical, but that does not negate the importance of following the orders. This goes back to the typical "if your friend jumps off a cliff, would you jump as well" hypothetical. If we have large gatherings and there ends up being a cluster of cases from it, then we just made a terrible mistake. If there isn't a cluster of cases, then we dodged a bullet. It's not a risk we should be willing to take.

Anonymous said...


I don’t think using the NFL is an argument in your favor. It’s a sh!t show. The richest and most tested group still struggles to play the game. This is HS, not the pros. There’s no money for testing. No enforcement. No bubble.

Not that I disagree about the virus but will school districts risk every 3 out of 100 teachers lives, family of students lives, staff lives to play a game? We are headed to another shelter in place likely in mid December and January. So will sports be miraculously given the green light?Education is not failing. Home support is. Instead of complaining, teach children to endure and get through a pandemic. Children are resilient, adults not so much.

Running is free. Lace up and put in the work. You don’t need a coach, who most people complain about anyways, there babysitting.

Anonymous said...

As some people have astutely pointed out on here, this virus is going to be around for a while. Based on projections of vaccine distribution, things will not return to normal until the summer at the earliest. Anyone who is thinking otherwise is being very foolish. Other states have had competitions and while that is frustrating, California is not going to change its stance. That means based on where the infections are at, we will not be having high school sports until next fall.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you won't.

Anonymous said...

@9:13pm Well, the HS heats got canceled so maybe we will after all. :-)

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