Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Interview with legendary coach, Ken Reeves who just announced his retirment

If you have a few moments, take the time to read this interview. There are nuggets for coaches as well as many different ways California can enhance the sports of Cross Country and Track and Field.


Anonymous said...

So much wisdom and such a great coach! Some awesome and interesting suggestions for XC and Track. Will CIF and the Sections pay attention and look to modify/improve? I sure he has all the data to back up what he presents...that's how he is!

pmccrystle said...

Completely agree. I learned more from Ken at clinics than any other speaker I've ever listened to, but much more importantly, as I got to know him during the pandemic on coach's Zoom calls, I came to appreciate his sincerity, honesty, humor, and willingness to share from his vast experience. I always came away from every Zoom meeting in which he had participated thinking to myself, "I wish I was half the coach that guy is!" At the risk of sharing too much, Ken's retirement is just another gut punch delivered to our High School sporting community by the pandemic, and while it pales in importance when compared to health and economic issues, it still hurts, or at least it hurts me. I am left feeling like our sport is less strong as it was, and I don't feel as good about being a coach without Ken in our Walt Lange, Dave Frank, John Pelster, Chris Williams, Carin Marrs, Robyn Berry, and many others, I am proud to say I am a High School teacher/coach because I am associated with them, and without Ken it feels less noble, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I want to be Ken Reeves when I grow up!

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