Wednesday, September 02, 2020

St. Francis, Sacramento in search of head XC and TF coach


Anonymous said...

Aaron Rios, former coach, posted the $500,000 bail, will returned to court Sept. 23.

Anonymous said...

Old coach was released from Sacramento county jail yesterday morning, after posting bail. USATF also has banned him from coaching, which was predictable.

The school wasn't taking any chances, and laid off entire Track/XC coaching staff, including some Alumni runners who were training or just in gap year. Really sucks for them, as they think he should still be in jail. Lot of guilt that they could of prevented this, and left a bitter taste about coaching in the future.

They have added charges, but he confessed to initial crime, and police continue to interview other potential victims.

Anonymous said...

If you confess how is he out on bail?

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