Wednesday, October 23, 2019

North Coast Section Top 10 Individuals (boys and girls)

1) Christopher Middleton-Pearson Dublin (Division I)
2) Amir Barkan Sir Francis Drake (Division IV)
3) Patrick Curulla De La Salle (Division II)
4) Colton Swinth Maria Carrillo (Division III)
5) Rory Smail Maria Carrillo (Division III)
6) Cayden Hein Campolindo (Division III)
7) Daniel Trampe Dublin (Division I)
8) Ishaan Jain Dublin (Division I)
9) Anthony Guerra Granada (Division II)
10) Jacob Lehmann-Duke College Prep (Division V)

1) Harper McClain St. Helena (Division V)
2) Audrey Allen Miramonte (Division IV)
3) Kelli Wilson Monte Vista (Division II)
4) Hope Bergmark Amador Valley (Division I)
5) Sophia Zalewski Piedmont (Division IV)
6) Shae Hill Granada (Division II)
7) Emma Yamamoto Las Lomas (Division III)
8) Maya Mason University (Division V)
9) Isabella Alviz College Park (Division II)
10) 8) Ellie Buckley/Alicia Hober Campolindo (Division III)

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Anonymous said...

Appreciate your coverage of Nor Cal, and especially NCS, Cross Country. Keep up the good work!

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