Tuesday, October 29, 2019

An offer for Sonoma and Marin schools

See below an offer from University SF coach, Carin Marrs. You can contact her at the email below.

I’d like to offer any Sonoma or Marin County coaches the option of having their teams practice with or alongside us during this awful time of fires, smoke, power outages and the like. If you want to post this on your site, the info might get put more quickly than me trying to track down coach email addresses.

The air is good in SF (at least yesterday and this morning) and if any team wants to come run a workout with us in the Presidio/Crissy Field Area, it could be fun for everyone and a good chance to get out of those badly affected areas.

I remember last year during the week before NCS, San Lorenzo Valley offered to let us run from their campus in Felton, where the air was pretty good (one of those days when it was AQI 200+ in the city) and that was a really special trip for me and the kids. Not only because we got to run a workout in clean air, but because it was embodied the running community’s generosity and inclusiveness.
I’ve already made this offer to Marin Academy and San Domenico (our two league schools who are shut down through tomorrow) and we may have a few of their athletes at practice today and tomorrow.

If you can think of other ways we can help, my team is eager to do it.

Obviously, coaches could just bring their teams to the city- these are all public spaces- but if we can facilitate it or help out in any way, people can email me at carin.ward@gmail.com.

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