Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Northern California League Finals results

Central Coast Section

North Coast Section

Sac-Joaquin Section
Delta League:

San Francisco Section

Oakland Section

Northern Section


Anonymous said...

PAL Trials:

Anonymous said...

Is there a website that list the top times/distances for Calif athletes? Looked on but it isn't up-to-date.

Thanks in advance

jclemons13 said... has everything for California athletes. Can do rankings for the state, section, league

Anonymous said...

CCS girls 3200 and 800 getting really interesting. Lots of new contenders after SCVAL's

Anonymous said...

The NCS's TCAL results

Carl Triola said...

VVAL is up on

Anonymous said...

what happened to MacKenzie from Los altos

Hank said...

Colin Peattie (Bells) runs 4:15.09 1600 which converts to a 4:16.58 mile. Soph CCS record is 4:15.34 (mile) by Ken Bergcamp (Leigh) in 1978 - can he drop another 1.3 seconds?


Anonymous said...

Impressive 3 win performance from senior Rayna Stanziano at DAL: 1600 - 4:49, 800 - 2:13, 3200 - 10:35.

Dan Steplight said...

MEL Championships

Ron Ernst said...

Peattie is a stud and will drop the time if he gets into a race that demands he run faster. With championship season upon us his races may become more tactical and fewer time trials so we may not get to see him break the record. I hope everything falls into place for him to get another milestone. Fun stuff watching these kids work so hard and reach their goals.

Anonymous said...

WCAL ran their second chance time trials on Tuesday. Any word when a meet program for CCS Trials will finally come out?

Anonymous said...

What does “WCAL second chance time trial” mean?

Anonymous said...

Due to a timing malfunction, four WCAL distance runners were allowed to re-run their races solo on a windy afternoon, and all four hit the at-large qualification. All four already had official times quicker than the standard, but because of the clock error, the WCAL granted them one more shot.

Anonymous said...

"Due to a timing malfunction"

Was this a timing malfunction with regards to the FAT system?

Albert Caruana said...

I thought this was an issue during the 800 only. I am not sure why there was a rerun of the 1600 as well.

Anonymous said...

Did this issue only affect the boys? Why was there no 1600 and 800 re-run for the girls?

Anonymous said...

Or 3200?

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