Tuesday, October 09, 2018

American Fork HS

Some of you may be familiar with American Fork HS since they are frequent participants at NXN. They have also been Utah state team champions 8 out of the last 9 years. Two years ago, their 4 x 1600m relay team set a new National record at the Arcadia Invitational with a time of 16:41.30.
You can learn a bit about their program in an interview I did with their coach (Timo Mostert) at this link:

For those of you that enjoy listening to podcasts, you can check out an interview with Timo at this link which was just posted courtesy of the Ben Rosario podcast:

You can check out a workout wednesday below that features one of their famous workouts, The Grinder.

You can check out all of Coach Mostert's achievements at American Fork HS at the link above but his most impressive achievement may be that he has never had a cell phone!


Anonymous said...

Their result at 2016 NXN is a great example of the importance of team depth. Despite having incredible strength up front with three runners (1, 4, 7) in the team-scoring top 10, they ended up finishing runner-up to a Bozeman (MT) team that put 5 runners between American Fork's 3rd and 4th runners.

Albert Caruana said...

Absolutely. 3 great runners in a big field can only take you so far. Of course, those 3 runners along with one other runner ended up breaking the national record in the 4 x 1600 that spring season.

Steve Palladino said...

Here's an interesting factoid that I learned when I visited Timo and American Fork during Summer 2017: What is the standing National record for the 4x 1600m (16:41.30), set by American Fork runners in 2017, is actually listed #2 on the American Fork HS record board for 4x 1600m!!!! Yes - it is #2 on the record board. Since American Fork HS is at about 4600 feet, Timo converts all sea level times to 4600 foot elevation equivalent for the record board. Evidently the #1 4x 1600m time on the American Fork record board was set at altitude, and compares about <1s better than the current American HS record when converted to 4600' equivalent.

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