Wednesday, December 20, 2017

CA Coaching Legends: Carlmont coach, Loren Lansberry

You can check out my latest article (link below) on one of the most successful cross country and track and field coaches, Carlmont coach, Loren Lansberry. He, along with Bob Rush, are responsible for the birth of the Crystal Springs course. His teams were regularly in the top 10 in the nation in the National Postal meet.

If you have other Northern California cross country coaches that you would like to see profiled, please feel free to add them in the comment section below. You can find the other coaches that have been profiled at this link:


Anonymous said...

What has happened to them recently? They used to be so good but they've been very meh for the last few years.

Albert Caruana said...

They had a very good 2017 season and should be strong again next year, especially on the girls' side.

Anonymous said...

4 of their top 5 guys are graduating (based on Crystal Springs times), and based on league finals they don't really have frosh-soph talent. I feel this may be a one-off for them on the guys side.
What happened to them the past 3 years though? Their classes of '17 and '16 had zero talent, was there a a coaching change or did their top athletes quit or something?

Anonymous said...

the carlmont team is returning 4 of their top 7 from last year on the boys side and all 7 on the girls side. I would say they are gonna be Ok for the next few years.

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