Thursday, December 14, 2017

2017 All-NorCal XC Team


Michael Lucid said...

Enjoyed checking it out. I wonder why Gabby Petterson from Healdsburg didn't at least make honorable mention? In head to head racing she bettered a number of NCS athletes listed. She won Division IV NCS race. I know she "bonked" at State but she had a great season with some great times.

Anonymous said...

Serious lack of NCS representation on that committee, what gives? That said good job on the selections.

Anonymous said...

Denner, Maddy HM, really?

Anonymous said...

Kevin Andrews (freshman) ran 14:55 at Lowell. How does that compare to Kamran Murray's best performance?

Anonymous said...

For me, Miranda, Garcia, and Colonna are too low; Madearis, Mackenzie, and King are too high. Shocked that Saul does not show up on the list at all. I guess there is no accounting for illness no matter what an athlete did earlier in the year. If you get sick at the wrong time, dropping low times at Woodward (Clovis), Crystal, or Toro means nothing if you have a disappointing race at state. That should not be the lesson to these kids. Consistency should be rewarded over one performance! IMHO.

Albert Caruana said...

Murray ran freshman race at Lowell so can't compare him there.

League Finals
Kevin Andrews 17:14.9
Kamran Murray 16:01.2

Kevin Andrews 16:25.1
Kamran Murray 16:18.7

State Meet
Kevin Andrews 17:06.3
Kamran Murray 16:22.7

Albert Caruana said...

The state meet races are a big factor when it comes to determining the all-norcal teams. Fair or not, a lot of the selections are based on those races. Some of the runners that have been mentioned had under par races at the state meet which definitely dropped them down the lists.

Anonymous said...

If these lists are going to mean anything, we should have a discussion about the criteria. If it’s just based on state, then we can all take a much needed break and just list the finishers in order. If it’s based on the whole season, and if we are trying to reward the best runners throughout, then let’s have that discussion. You can’t have it both ways. Since Rob, Colton and Henry had off days at State, I talked with their coaches and found that all three were sick. That was something Henry had been dealing with since league finals. It’s understandable that he was left off the teams but he still deserved a HM for previous times. Both Rob and Colton put up great league times at Crystal, 15:01 and 15:02 respectively. That’s the kind of quality you need to show to be on the first team for NorCal. What we got on the first team is a very good runner who has a PR at Crystal of 15:28 (league this year), who managed to beat 2 sick kids who ran in hotter conditions at state. Is that a fair basis for judgement? Not in my opinion.

Michael Lucid said...

Hey Albert ... I get that the State meet means a lot and ... if you saw Gabby Peterson race the kids from Maria Carrillo, you would place her ahead of them in any list. Don't get me wrong, Sydnie and Amie are awesome ... Gabby is better and showed it over and over again.

Guessing from the comments ... there are others who have the same complaint ... guess that is why these list are popular ... cause a great deal of debate.

Albert Caruana said...

I am not saying I disagree with any of the above comments. I was just pointing out that it seems that the state meet races carry the most impact when it comes to the all-NorCal team.

As it stands now, the voters have no criteria to follow so everybody has their own voting system. I personally look at the postseason races but definitely look at the entire season as a whole. I thought Maddy Denner and Robert Miranda both should have been on the 1st team all-NorCal teams but I am just one voter.

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Thanks everyone for the comments...I agree with Coach Caruana since I did look at the whole entire season as well, but did place heavy weight on State since most of the NorCal kids were there on the same day (even though not at the same time for everyone).

I did have Henry Saul as HM (since he did well at Clovis, and so forth) and to be fair and not biased, I didn't put Rob in the 1st Team even though yes, he was very ill but it is what it is...who knows which other kids were sick too right? So to be fair to all runners I just used State times as they were. The only thing is if a vote is close between 2 kids, esp on the first, second and third teams, I would then look at which Division they were in at State since D4 was a lot hotter than D5.

Lastly, I will email the committee next year and ask them if they know of a certain kid in their SECTION who had a bad race at State but deserves to be on the list, then please email everyone since not all of us know/follow EVERY SINGLE KID in NorCal...So since we have all the sections represented, then we can tell each other if there is an exception to the State runners who did not do well. This year, as Coach Caruana mentioned, we all turned in our selections separately to Hank.

We try our best that we can to highlight NorCal kids. But once in a while mistakes are made or kids are overlooked...but again, we're trying our best.

Anonymous said...

Miranda beats Medearis by over 40 seconds at league meet. He gets third team, while Medearis gets second?

How can Henry Saul not even get an HM? Eric Eng second team?

Rather than heavily weighting the postseason meets, why not look at the top few performances by each athlete? Many people may get sick and have a bad race but it shouldn't represent their whole season.

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