Saturday, June 10, 2017

Former Aptos runner, Nikki Hiltz 2nd in NCAA 1500

With coach Lance Harter following her 2nd place finish, just .02 behind the winner Jaimie Phelan of Michigan 4:13.78 to 4:13.80.

Also, former Los Gatos/Saratoga HS high jumper Mady Fagan wins NCAA high jump with a best of 6'3.25".

Davis HS 2016 grad Fiona O'Keeffe with 5th place finish (15:46.93).


Anonymous said...

That's such an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations, Nikki!

She's obviously has a great deal of natural talent, but it's her grit and perseverance, staying resilient through multiple injuries and a transfer from one powerhouse university to another that makes her a truly admirable athlete.

I'm looking forward to following her through her senior year at Arkansas.

Anonymous said...

Oregon did her wrong. I can't believe you would take away a scholarship from an athlete who made the NCAA final. It would have been ironic if they lost the team title and her points would have been the difference.

But I guess they're focused on sprints now and it didn't make any difference anyways so they could care less. Shame Oregon treats their athletes that way. Glad Hiltz is still going strong.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why she left Oregon? Oregon did not do her wrong ,in fact Oregon showed a lot of class keeping things quiet. Know the facts. That being said, good to see Niki running well at Arkansas,

Anonymous said...

Who really knows the truth, but the consensus seems to be as expressed in story below.

Anonymous said...

I do know.
She was hurt. Had her scholarship reduced. She was promised that if she made the NCAA final she would get it back. Oregon went back on their word and did not honor her scholarship. To think a scholarship is taken away if you get hurt is bad enough. To go back on your word is something else. It has nothing to do with partying. Every athlete on that team does that. It's about the money. And that money is going to the sprints.

Anonymous said...

No you don't. And I for one am not going to air dirty laundry on a public message board. Remember there are always two sides to a story and in this case the public only got one.

Ron Ernst said...

I know the only remaining important fact, she is running great. She sure appears to be happy and that should be plenty. I have had the pleasure of watching her live twice this past season. She is very impressive and I look forward to continuing to cheer for her.

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