Friday, May 13, 2016

CCS Track and Field Semis and Finals will be held at Gilroy HS this year

CCS Track & Field Community et al.
We had to make a venue change for this years’ CCS Track and Field Championships.  The track and field meet will be held at Gilroy High School on the same days and times, May 21st and 27th.

San Jose City College is having major construction going on and the construction company has accelerated their schedule and has blocked off access areas as well as competition areas.  This would have created a potentially dangerous situation and not conducive to a championship event.   We had hoped that we could have avoided this eventual construction, but the construction company moved up their time tables.

Gilroy Principal Dr. Marco Sanchez and his community has extended their facility for our use and we are grateful for their generous offer.  They host numerous league and invitational events on their new track and renovated seating areas, and with the assistance of CCS staff and tournament committee I am very confident we will be able to conduct a championship event.

Thank you for understanding.

Duane Morgan
CCS Commissioner

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