Monday, February 16, 2015

Rylee Bowen and Morgin Coonfield go 1/2 at CA State Indoor Meet in Mile

Bowen runs 5:03.48 over Coonfield's 5:08.17.

Nicholas Rauch (Casa Grande) 2nd in boys 800m. in 1:57.10. James Logan's Cristian Monsalud, 3rd in 1:58. 26.

Results are being posted live at this link:

You can check out highlights from Day 1 at this link. Picture below courtesy of McKinleyville coach, Jason Lewis.
Most impressive performance over the two days? If you were able to compete at this meet, feedback? 


Anonymous said...

Curious, thecis a Cal indoor state meet, but you have Nevada I.e. Ross and Benedict competing. I know they ran at the All-comers meet at Cal and Davis but willnthey be transfering to a Cal HS? if not, can other states complete too, if they qualify in one of the qualifying meets? Don't get me wrong they do add quality to the meet!

Albert Caruana said...

I believe McQueen won the boys team title but because they are not from California, the Great Oak boys won the plaque.

It looks like the McQueen HS track team definitely is not afraid to travel. Aside from the all-comers meets in CA, they seem to always compete at Arcadia and perhaps other CA meets as well.

If they are going to call it the CA State Indoor meet, then let's keep it to competitors from CA. Right?

Anonymous said...

Shame about Kathryn Loken (Del Camp). I saw her limping after her race. Thought she might of pulled off a good time when she went against Morgin Coonfield at the qualifier, but hate to think she's injured.

My coach was iffy about me doing the Indoor meet so I didn't do it this year. (it's a long season argument)

Anonymous said...

The meet also had a situation where "Oaks Christian TC" won the girls team title with an all-star team of competitors from nearby schools. Their winning 4x800m relay consisted of 1 Oaks Christian HS, 1 Newbury Park HS, 1 Moorpark HS, and 1 runner who has competed only for club teams in the past.

There were also several competitors competing in official school uniforms.

This is a young meet that will keep having new circumstances pop up, but it would be nice to see some of these things addressed moving forward.

The Truth Hurts said...

As long as this is not a CIF sponsored sport or meet it is an open/club invitational.

To all you complainers out there I repeat, this is not an official CIF meet. You can host a meet and call it the national championship if you want. Clubs, kids from out of state whatever.

If you want to be specific lets call it what it is: the winter all-comer for mostly southern cal with most good runners not competing championship.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. Unclear why there is so much press on this meet. Most of the top runners are training now to peak in May. It's a fun thing for West Coast kids who never get to run indoors and that's about it.

Albert Caruana said...

The meet has gotten a little more press the last two years which is the reason it has become a little more prominent. Most CA Track and Field athletes usually gear up for the outdoor season and bypass this meet. The meet has continued to grow larger and will probably continue in the seasons to come.

In regards to the McQueen boys, they were allowed to compete at the meet and if they scored the most points, they should have walked away with the plaque.

Anonymous said...

300M run was crazy with crashes. Great fun to watch, but more dangerous than I am accustomed to seeing in T&F.

Also, I don't understand why they used the waterfall start so often, and didn't figure a way to use at least a 1 turn stagger.

As to getting press, why not? How many other indoor meets are run in California? What else is going on this time of year?

We went to the meet because it looked like it would be fun (it was). A simple, low pressure meet, in a fun and interesting environment, to kick off the season.

What's not to like?

Albert Caruana said...

Don't get me wrong, the coverage of the meet is great. Anything that gets Track and Field more recognition is a big positive in my book. As far as I know, this is the only indoor meet in CA. For those kids that are potentially looking at an east coast college, it's a great experience for them to compete on an indoor track.

hank said...

The Times They Are A Changin.... In my day "press" meant news print, today it means exposure on the web.

In my day there were numerous indoor meets in CA but unless you were fast (and I mean real fast) you couldn't get into them. I'm glad that there is still one around that has qualifying rounds so most get a chance at the "indoor opportunity" (a fun opportunity at that).


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