Saturday, June 14, 2014

Santa Rosa 8th grader Rylee Bowen runs 4:58.57 for mile at NB Nationals

Thanks to Steve Palladino for the find.

6 3818 Bowen, Rylee 18 Santa Rosa, CA 4:58.57 1 1:13.285 (1:13.285) 2:29.103 (1:15.818) 3:45.604 (1:16.501) 4:39.256 (53.653) 4:58.563 (19.308)

Full results here.
Photo courtesy of Bowen will be attending Sonoma Academy next year in NCS.


Steve Palladino said...

I failed to catch that her younger sister (6th or 7th grade) ran in the Junior HS mile at the same meet and took 5th in 5:23.55
5 3817 Bowen, Kate 19 Santa Rosa, CA 5:23.55
1:16.595 (1:16.595) 2:37.919 (1:21.325) 4:02.499 (1:24.580)
5:02.654 (1:00.156) 5:23.547 (20.893)

Steve Palladino said...

Rylee came back today and ran the HS Girls 2000m steeplechase, taking 12th overall with HS juniors and seniors ahead of her. 7:11.43

12 Rylee Bowen 18 Una-Ca-Santa_Rosa-Bowen 7:11.43 +2.0 1 (5)

Steve Palladino said...

Damn, it didn't stop with the 2000m steeple yesterday! She came back after the steeple, and on the same day did 11:27.44 in the 2 mile. That's 4:58.57 mile (1600 = 4:56) on Friday, then 7:11.43 2000m steeple and 11:27.44 2 mile (3200 = 11:23) on Saturday - as an 8th grader. I think that I'll pick her as the favorite to win D5 State XC as a frosh.

Anonymous said...

I think Kate Bowen was the youngest in her race. Stats said her Grad, year was 2019 but I believe she is just starting the 7th grade this fall.

GHPADD said...

Kind of reminds me of a certain CA girl by the name of Jordan Hassay who, along with several national age-group records set that year, in 2006 as an 8th grader ran in the Golden West Invitational at 4:56.2 for the mile. Jordan came back her 9th grade year and ran a 4:42 Mile!

It would be wonderful to see if Rylee survives puberty and high school to become an elite runner. In the meantime it will be fun to watch her grow. Imagine, the US has had and still has some very young female middle distance runners in high school, college and just out of college that may be getting ready for an impact on the world stage. It would be awesome to see Rylee to achieve this level too, if that is her goal.

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