Monday, February 07, 2011

Cal Berkeley All Comers & California HS Indoor Qualifier

Cal Berkeley All Comers & California HS Indoor Qualifier (thanks to

From Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Jim Crowhurst:  
Local Qualifiers

What were the most impressive marks from the meet?

California Indoor State Meet Information (Fresno, Saturday, February 26th)


Anonymous said...

Castro valley looked great, Martore won the mile at 4:23, and Eversole won the 2 mile at 9:21.

Albert Caruana said...

PRs for both runners and very impressive during February.

Anonymous said...

4:23 is a awesome pre-season time

9:21 is an absolutely disgusting pre season time!!!! (good way)!!!

Anonymous said...

Good marks on the boys side for the distances. Girls, not so much.

The big races are in May though...that is a long time to be on top of your game for a distance runner!

Figure 5-6 dual meets, 5-8 invites, league trials, finals, section trials, finals... doubling or tripling. No wonder the kids get burnt out by May!

Anonymous said...

^^^I agree as far as the times go. Don't think Martore OR Eversole were really 'on top of their game', though. Looked like a nice day to establish an early-season baseline, nothing more, nothing less-I don't think they peaked for the Berkely all comers, lol

Anonymous said...

Did Mt. Eden really just run the fastest 4x800 time this weekend in the state?

Anonymous said...

where did you hear that?

Albert Caruana said...

Well they ran 8:28.42. Not sure who has run faster in CA.

Andrew said...

I don't think the CV runners peaked for the all comers. But they probably have been training so much harder than years before to run those times this early. Both are PRs for them I believe and their target race is Feb 26th. To hold this training and probably ramp it up as outdoor season progresses is going to be tough.

But I'm all for the NCS getting faster and stronger.

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