Saturday, September 13, 2008

Norcal Rankings will be updated...

Following this weekend's races which included the Firebird Invitational (CCS), Ed Sias Invitational (NCS), Chieftain Invitational (CCS) and Viking Opener (NCS), I will update the Norcal Rankings on Sunday.

I can only speak for the Chieftain today but Tyre Johnson of Palma was very impressive as well as the Aptos teams (boys and girls). Courtney Allen of San Benito recorded an impressive victory over Stephanie Barnett of Leland and will be a runner to watch.

Please feel free to comment on any of today's races. Any surprises? Hot shot freshmen? Teams that should be ranked and were not? Runners that belong on the top 10 list? Who is on the cusp of that list?

Anybody excited yet?


Anonymous said...

Make sure you give Wyatt Landrum some respect. He ran a tremendous race at Ed Sias today.

Anonymous said...

absolutely amazing race. I didn't get a chance to watch. I was on my cool down. But his time is insane. Wish i could've been in that race!

Anonymous said...

Erik Olson 9:54 he was flying

Anonymous said...

Courtney Madson of Novato got fourth in the frosh/soph girls at the Viking Invite with a time of 12:37 against some stiff competition. She should at least be on the bubble, so to speak, in Norcal.

Anonymous said...

TOP Girls' Teams in the SJS at Nevada Union (combined races times)


2 Romo, Stephanie Woodcreek 19:37.39 1
13 McNabb, Amanda Woodcreek 20:13.80 10
14 Crosta, Courtney Woodcreek 20:14.71 11
4 Gomez, Sami Woodcreek 21:04.04 3
7 DeVriend, Ashley Woodcreek 21:10.84 6
37 Romo, Jennifer Woodcreek 22:04.40 32

DAVIS 102:18
2 Teaford, Hilary Davis 19:53.71 2
4 Bowlus, Christine Davis 19:58.54 4
12 Green, Juliana Davis 20:13.53 9
3 Williams, Tess Davis 20:54.27 2
8 Rainer, Halley Davis 21:20.37 7
11 Stebbins, Lindsay Davis 21:39.72 10
20 Norvell, Nora Davis 20:49.09 17

DEL ORO 105:05
1 Freeman, Emma Del Oro 20:31.47 3
2 Hood, Alissa Del Oro 20:34.13 4
3 Gollnick, Lauren Del Oro 21:10.46 5
4 Devitt Payne, Caitlen Del Oro 21:20.74 8
5 Lua, Alexa Del Oro 21:30.34 8
6 Seaman, Kelsey Del Oro 21:39.84 12
7 Rozario, Jessie Del Oro 21:49.62 11
8 Atkins, Megan Del Oro 22:02.13 16
9 Hope, Jenna Del Oro 22:15.11 18

PLACER 106.23
2 harcus, shannon Placer 20:06.16 1
12 O'Conner, caty Placer 21:23.34 9
13 riecks, kirby Placer 21:26.35 10
14 miles, mariah Placer 21:35.47 11
18 white, sierra Placer 21:53.75 15

Anonymous said...

Wyatt Landrum! Wyatt Landrum! Wyatt Landrum!

Anonymous said...

i was disappointed that there was NO coverage of either the viking invitational or ed sias in the PD this morning :( i'm hoping the norcal rankings get updated soon because i'm curious to see ;) i didn't get to see courtney madison's race but i did get 12:03 myself in the jr/sr girls race..

Albert Caruana said...

The 2nd Norcal Rankings have been posted above.

You can check out all the lists from the Viking and Ed Sias at the following link:

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