Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NCS Division I Rankings by Peter Brewer (Version #3)

9/24 NCS Division I rankings

1. Amador close 2nd at DLS Invite to Jesuit
2. College Park 5th at DLS, right behind DLS
3. Granada 6th at DLS
4. Monte Vista 7th at DLS
5. San Ramon 9th at DLS

Amador continues to have the hot hand this season as they popped their top 5 within :37 for a real good run at the DeLaSalle/Carondelet Invitational. The rest sorted out by place as they all ran the same race, with a bit of reordering from last week. College Park seemed to have made the best transition to the 3 mile distance in leap-frogging the other ranked teams,while San Ramon appeared to have drifted back a half-step.

Mike Roderick of Monte Vista still is the D-I runner of note, but Brent Hornig of Amador is leading the rest of the pack in the chase for individual glory. Austin Snyder threw down an excellent runaway win at the Farmer Invite on the Hayward course to also jump into the individual picture.

Of the lurking teams, Castro Valley called up a frosh-soph runner and improved to a nice 3rd in their race at the Lowell Invite in Golden Gate Park, and 6th overall between the two varsity races.

Lurking: Deer Valley (did not race), Castro Valley (3rd at Lowell)

1. Castro Valley 3rd at Lowell
2. College Park 2nd at DLS
3. Monte Vista 3rd at DLS
4. Granada 5th at DLS
5. California 6th at DLS

In the shadows: San Ramon (7th at DLS)

Castro Valley ran a close 3rd in their race and 4th overall to finish behind NorCal powers Mountain View, Aptos, and a very aggressive Livermore team. College Park is not backing down from anyone as they powered to a solid 2nd behind the Carondelet steamroller at the DeLaSalle/ Carondelet Invitational. The Falcons were closely followed by an improved Monte Vista team. Granada jumped into the picture by edging out California and San Ramon in the scoring.

Colleen Lillig of California, defending D-I NCS champ, continues to burnish her credentials as the top runner in D-I this year as she chased after Carondelet’s Nicole Hood for a good 2nd individual run at DLS. Alycia Cridebring continues to lead the College Park Falcons with fine front-running of her own. Castro Valley’s Kelsey Santisteban was 3rd individual at Lowell. Hayle Swanson of Granada impressed with a top-10 finish at DLS.


Anonymous said...

Connor Donley, Jake Erlick, and Kevin Ho (3 of the top 7 runner's for MV, and 2 of the top 5) didn't run at Nike.

Anonymous said...

oooooohhhh excuses.....

Albert Caruana said...

I don't think he was making any excuses. He was just stating who didn't run.

Anonymous said...

Are there going to be DIII rankings?

Anonymous said...

how's the seeded race different from the division races at the Stanford Invite this weekend? what's the "requirement" to enter into a seeded race?

Albert Caruana said...

In the past, the seeded race was for teams that wanted to face the fastest teams. This year, there were caps placed on the divisional races. From looking at the lists, it appears the seeded race was the last race that had spots left open. Several teams who signed up later than the rest had one choice left to enter their teams and that was the seeded race.

Albert Caruana said...

I will have all new rankings for all sections, divisions and norcal rankings following the Stanford Invitational.

Anonymous said...

so there could be quite a time difference..

thanks !

Anonymous said...

haha i bet the 2nd anonymous person that posted was an amador guy

Anonymous said...

what division and section is the jesuits in?

Albert Caruana said...

Jesuit is in the San Joaquin Section (SJS) and they are in Division II. They are currently ranked #2 in the state by dyestatcal.

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