Saturday, May 24, 2008

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So those of you that were at the meet, what was the best race?

Let me throw out three races...

Boys' 1600m., boys' 200m., boys' 3200m... any others?


Anonymous said...

I liked the 3200m race best. There were several lead changes and a bit of a surprise in the winner.

Anonymous said...

The 3200m was the best. The runners were out there pushing the pace, and when it was done you could tell that everyone who compeated in that race left it all out there. Thats what a championship race like this is all about. Great job everyone that compeated.

Albert Caruana said...

I thought that the boys' 3200m. would be the most competitive race of all and it definitely did not disappoint.

There were so many subplots that took place throughout the race with Beach and Duffy trying to pull away from the kickers, Thomas laying in a heap on the beginning of the backstretch (anybody see what happened to him?), Leng and Kanzaria with a lap to go battling it out for the last state meeet spo and finally with Landrum kicking to victory. I know a lot of people in the stands were wondering who the athlete was kicking by Duffy down the stretch including Keith Conning who was left momentarily speechless calling out the winner.

Good stuff all around. As the previous person mentioned, the scene following the race with the runners sprawled out past the finish line said it all.

Anonymous said...

The Boys 300m IM wasn't bad...going out to 1000's to figure out the winner...our guy James Grant took down our school record which stood for 18 years....
C. Triola

Unknown said...

The 3200 was definitely the greatest race of the day. While i may be slightly biased because i happened to run the race, i thought that the race was really exciting. With all the lead changes and the massive chase pack it seemed like an elite race. I was also surprised with all the falls. Two guys stumbled, and then Thomas just seemed to fall out on the back 100 holding his ankle. Overall, the 3200 had the feeling of an elite race with fast times and great competition. Great job to everyone in the race and good luck to Leng, Beach, Duffy, and Landrum at the state meet next week.

Calvin said...

i'm a distance runner, so i'm naturally biased. but the 3200 was a great race, i was going crazy. so many lead changes and the pack was mixing it up so much. i totally thought duffy had it won, which would have been tight, and i couldn't believe wyatt came out of nowhere to win. very cool race, good luck to duffy, landrum, beach, and especially leng (yeah, future teammate) at state, go rep ncs!

Anonymous said...

I think it'd be great to see Wyatt in the top 5 today. Low 9:00s or maybe even in the 8:5x range. He has the talent.
Mid Season: 9:36
League: 9:23
NCS MOC: 9:11
State: Hoping for the best.

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