Saturday, May 31, 2008

German Fernandez continues to AMAZE...

Stunning describes best what German Fernandez (pictured to the left by yours truly at the Artichoke Invitational as he torched the new course with a time that might last for a very long time) accomplished today at the California State Meet. Following his double at the SJS meet, predictions were made about what he could possibly run at the state meet but none of them came close to what he actually ran.

4:00.29 and 8:34.23!!

You can find videos of his races as well as all the other events at the following link:

He has a few more races left in his high school career. How much faster can he run when pushed?

Who as at the state meet or has seen videos of all the races? Best race of the day?


Anonymous said...

Amazing double for German. Check out the site I made about him here:

It has tons of info, videos, photos and more!

Anonymous said...

I was there and witnessed both races, no words can truly justify and describe what he did. None.

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